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Here is a hand-picked selection of books containing plans for a variety of different types of projects including beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, workbenches, entertainment centers, bookcases, children's projects, toys, and jewelry boxes. Many of these books, such as The Workbench Book, provide insight into design and construction details that you won't always find in a basic woodworking plan. They also look good in your woodworking library...


shelves, cabinets, bookcases Shelves Cabinets & Bookcases

If you want to create customized storage spaces for your home, Shelves, Cabinets & Bookcases offers everything you need to design and build sturdy, functional, attractive pieces. Originally published in the pages of Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding magazines, the articles in this book feature designs, construction details, and tips from some of the most accomplished carpenters and woodworkers in the country.

designing cabinetgs  Designing and Building Cabinets

Whether for a kitchen, built-in storage or an elegant hutch, there are many ways to build a cabinet. In this book, Fine Woodworking contributors share their favorite methods for managing and building case pieces, including many ways to construct doors and drawers. An in-depth look at sheet goods like plywood and MDF show how these materials can save both time and money in any cabinet project.

boxes with inlay  Creating Beautiful Boxes with Inlay Techniques

This is a comprehensive reference on box building that every woodworker should have in the workshop. Doug presents 13 unique and beautiful boxes that are as easy to make as they are handsome. Packed with step-by-step photos that supplement the detailed drawings, this book will have you making boxes in no time flat. Every contingency is covered, including woods, tools, and the process of producing your own inlays.

rustic furniture  Rustic Furniture Basics

Here's an opportunity to create something truly unique by using woodworking techniques that are as "green" as it gets. By collecting branches and logs, recycled lumber, or scavenged wood from old buildings, you can build rustic furniture with a distinctive look and a primitive, earthy charm. An ideal guide for beginners.

shop drawings for craftsman furniture  Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture

Featuring working shop drawings, this book demonstrates 27 pieces of authentic Craftsman household furniture by Gustav Stickley and his contemporaries. Every type of furniture is represented here: Morris chairs, chests of drawers, wall shelves, bookcases, sideboards, dining tables, occasional tables, beds, side chairs, and rockers.

Arts and Crafts furniture projects  Popular Woodworking's Arts &Crafts Furniture Projects

From the Editors of Popular Woodworking, this book offers good-looking, quality furniture projects at a skill level that is approachable for most woodworkers. Includes instructions and measured diagrams to build: bookcases, tables, chairs, bench, Ottoman, storage pieces, print stand, Morris chair, and mantle clock.

chest of drawers Chests of Drawers

By Bill Hylton. This is the first project book exclusively devoted to the subject of chest of drawers. Seven beautiful pieces are featured, with a range in style and construction difficulty, from the very best American cabinetmakers. The projects in Chests of Drawers range in difficulty from a Shaker four drawer dresser to a chest on frame or chest on chest. 

Table design and construction  Tables

These are the latest editions in the popular Taunton Furniture Project series of books. Each of these books covers a wide range of furniture styles, ensuring that every woodworker will find something they will want to build. Plans and complete instructions are included for each project. From a Shaker sewing table to a display table for art objects, Tables offers 10 excellent reasons to spend quality time in the shop. 

great workshops

Great Workshops from Fine Woodworking

Imagine a workshop where lumber is easy to handle, the air is clean, the temperature is right, every tool is neatly stored close at hand, and your work flows smoothly from station to station. Create your dream workshop with this collection of articles from Fine Woodworking magazine.

workbench_landis.jpg (4777 bytes) The Workbench Book
by Scott Landis

Many consider this the bible of workbenches...  It features benches for cabinetmakers, boatbuilders, carvers, and country chairmakers. In each case, detailed photos and illustrations show how the bench works and help guide you through its construction.

Furniture you can build  Furniture You Can Build

By Joseph Hurst-Wajszczuk. Improve your skills while enjoying your time in the shop. This book is written especially for those who can't devote all hours of their day to woodworking. Geared for real people - those who want to improve hand tool and machine skills, but not willing to embark on a seven year apprenticeship - this book is designed to help you enjoy your time in the shop. 

wooden toys  Zany Wooden Toys

Are you looking to get your youngster interested in woodworking? Author Bob Gilsdorf, father of five boys, will guide you through the process of taking a fun idea, working through the details to create your toy or game, and building it out of wood. You get 28 of the coolest, easy-to �make wooden action toys that will keep them entertained for hours.

ent_center.jpg (2500 bytes) Entertainment Centers You Can Make
by Paul Gerhards

Complete plans and instructions for building freestanding and built-in models.  Amazon reviewer: "It has all the sizes to accomodate for the many variations that can be needed for a custom entertainment center... There is much more to this book, and is one of the better books on Entertainment Centers out there."

Woodworking facts, figures, formulas  Woodworkers' Essential Facts

Nearly every woodworking operation requires a fact, calculation or reasonably close estimate. This book shows the savvy craftsman how to solve workshop problems by using math or by following a simple rule of thumb. Thirty chapters cover such topics as arcs and arches, shelf loads, stairs, dust collection systems, glues, pulleys and machine speed just to name a few. This book is an indispensable reference for the craftsman.



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