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Build An Adirondack Chair
The combination of straight lines, flat planes and gentle curves that is the signature of the Adirondack chair is familiar even to those who have never had the good fortune to visit the Adirondack Mountains of New York state. While many variations on the Adirondack chair can be found, the essential...

Adirondack Chair Project
Sit down, and stay awhile. You'll certainly want to in one of our attractive lawn chairs. The contoured backs and seats are so comfortable they don't even need cushions. The chairs are simple to build,...

Adirondack Chair
A classic! Perfect for the backyard or deck.

Making an Adirondack Chair
Meet Maureen. She is a young lady who took woodworking in high school and wants to get her hands back in sawdust. I thought making the Adirondack chair would be a good project for both of us. I search the Internet for plans and found quite an assortment.

Adirondack Chair
Possibly the most popular chair ever designed. A good adaptation of the design. DXF Format.

Paul's Adirondack Chair
The chair is made from 1x8 cypress (actually salvaged tongue and groove siding). The construction is simple lap joints with carriage bolts and wood screws holding it all together. The finish is several...

Adirondack style garden chair
Adirondack chairs have become very popular in the past few years. The shape and angle of these chairs is somewhere between a normal garden chair and a slovenly deck chair. The result is a surprisingly comfortable chair that, unfortunately, costs far too much. Fortunately, making an Adirondack chair...

Adirondack rocking chair
Due to popular demand, we have expanded upon the flippant comment at the end of the Adirondack chair feature and now offer the below description of how to make the two-seater rocking chair version. You will notice that the general methodology behind its construction is very similar to that of the standard...

Adirondack Lawn Chair and Table
An elegant, fan-shaped back and a comfortable, contoured seat combine to make a chair thatís a standout on any lawn. And we have a table to match.

Jakes Chair
What a great chair, a great story of days past and a great job for anyone that wants to reproduce the chair from his or her memory. The plans are detailed enough for the beginner, but leave enough to the imagination so that the construction still requires thought and decisions making it interesting to build.

Original Adirondack Chair
This chair is based on the Adirondack style and is a very comfortable chair indeed.

Adirondack Chair/Footstool/Table
Building Adirondack furniture involves some special angle cuts, so a detailed plan really plays a key part in getting good results.

Chair and Stand
This Adirondack chair is constructed from 1x6 and 1x4 rough sawn treated pine or similar durable lumber, all except the chair arms which are 2x6 dressed or gauged treated pine or similar durable lumber (finished, actual size of 2x6 dressed is 1 1/2" x 5 1/2")

Sunset Chair
The contemporary version of the classic Adirondack chair is not recommended for novice woodworkers. The back and seat slats screw to an edge only 3/4 inch thick, so cutting must be exact and drilling must be precisely perpendicular to the piece being drilled.

Adirondack Chair
The Adirondack chair is perfect for the porch of a hunting lodge or a deck overlooking a scenic vista. When you finish this summer project-with its curved backrest and wide armrests-sit down with a cold one in hand and dream of hunting seasons to come.

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