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Animal Trap Plans - Make A Sure-fire Live Trap, Repeating Box Trap, and more

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Make A Sure-fire Live Trap
The trap described here is simple to make. As with many of my workshop projects, I just used what I had available to do the job.

Repeating Box Trap
Box traps can be constructed using any solid wood. The animal pushes into the box past the door and once inside it can't get back out;

How to Build A Hog Trap Plans
Welding plans for a simple wild pig trap you can make in the garage. This is because the pig is not a game animal, so wild game hunting regulations do

How to Make Homemade Animal Traps For Free | EHow.Com
Always plan what you're going to do with the animal after you trap it. Make sure there's enough room under the lip of the box for the animal to get

How To Build A Live Animal Trap
These instructions will help you build a box trap that will catch almost any kind of live animal you want, depending on the size of the box you choose to make.

Box Trap Video
Trailer for Ed Kelly's How to Build and Use A Box Trap.

An Effective Box Trap For Capturing Lynx
We designed a box trap for capturing lynx (Lynx lynx) that is lightweight, safe, effective, and less expensive than many commercial models.

How to Build A Weasle Box Trap Video
A step by step video. We used 1/2 inch wood for the entire box.

FABCOPS Live Trap/Coop
This page contains instructions for building and using a large live trap that can also be used as a coop.

How To Make An Animal Trap Video
I will show you how to make a animal trap for small animals and birds.

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