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Building an Aquarium Cabinet
I had two different ideas, one a box frame stand made from 2x2 wood, and one a cabinet made from chipboard. Both designs are shown here. In the end, I combined the two designs - a frame for strength, boxed in with chipboard to brace the structure and to turn it into a cabinet

Poor Man's DIY Aquarium Stand
Once I got all my boxes unpacked from my move (AZ to NY), the first thing on the list was the construction of the stands that would hold two tanks.

Aquarium Stand Construction
This is a good stand for a reef aquarium. Supports a 125 gallon aquarium.

75 Gallon Aquarium Stand
We went around to a few fish stores checking prices on a tank and stand. I suffered a bit of sticker shock at the prices for a cabinet stand. The answer was to build one myself...

Freshwater Aquarium Project
I didn't have room in my house for the size of aquarium I wanted, so I had the great idea of building it outside. These pages will chronicle the progress of the project, and serve as a tutorial on how to build an aquarium. The final size of the aquarium will be about 500 or so gallons.

55 Gallon Aquarium Stand
Well I built a 55gal stand out of 3/4" partical board exclusively. No 2x4 supports, just 3/4 partical board glued and screwed together. Mind you partical board and water do not mix as a rule. You will need to water-proof it, ie paint with a good quality paint.

Oak Aquarium Cabinet
This DIY aquarium cabinet is actually easy to build. This aquarium cabinet is constructed using 3/4" oak plywood throughout, although it can be made from any plywood.

Basic Aquarium Stand
This is a basic design for an aquarium stand that I have built twice, once for a 55 gallon, and once for a 120 gallon. The design could be modified for virtually any glass tank in the 55 to 180 or so gallon range by simply adjusting the length and width. The pictures are from the construction of the stand for my 120...

40 Gallon Aquarium Stand
I've recently set up a 40X aquarium (40 gallons, 36-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 17"). I needed a stand to put it on, but was not very satisfied with the stands that I've seen in any local aquarium stores. Searching the 'net led me to, which has some very useful FAQs about aquariums, and some possible...

240 Gallon Stand
This is my basic stand plan along with a few ideas my wife came up with.

Wood Stand
Here you see a stand design that takes advantage of wood’s best qualities while accommodating its faults. The five pairs of legs (left picture) with their plywood inserts were assembled first.

60 G Mission Style Aquarium Stand
This project took about 9 months complete. It's a completely original design to resemble the arts and crafts style of furniture making. I started with some research into the mission look, progressed to mechanical stabilities of lumber materials, and proceeded to do a few hand sketches and calculations.

Saltwater Aquarium
If you're considering setting up a saltwater aquarium, be sure to prepare properly before you bring pet fish into your home. The proper setup will keep your fish healthy and extend their lives.

DIY Aquarium Stand
This was my first solo attempt at creating an aquarium stand. In total this project cost approximately $85 Canadian for the stand, canopy and all the electronics (light fixture and bulbs).

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