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Covered Walkway
The covered walkway illustrated here is intended to demonstrate a few of the many design possibilities open to you. In developing your own ideas consider different variations, comparing...

Pavilino Lamp Ring
Lighting for a center pole pavilion. This is basically a circle of plywood with catfood cans attached, to hold oil lamps.

Garden Arbor That's Easy & Inexpensive
When I checked on the prices of an arbor for our backyard, the prices I was given for a medium quality arbor of an average size was in most cases, around $179.00 to $199.00. With me being of Scottish...

Arbor Gate
Beautifully detailed drawing of a garden arbor gate. Will dress up any landscape. See a picture at Mike's web site. DXF Format.

Rose Arbor
The dimensions of this free standing Cedar rose arbor or gateway in your garden will be determined by the width of the walkway it traverses. Be sure to make it wide enough to allow garden...

Cedar Conversation Nook
Here's a design idea for making a corner of your garden a special place to sit, relax and socialize. Add climbing plants for additional shade and privacy. This simple structure...

Lath Arch Rose Arbor
Create a decorative garden entrance or focal point with this effective arch. A simple frame is covered with Cedar lath on three sides. The entryway makes a strong statement and creates...

An arbour can frame a view, be an inviting gateway or provide a lush boundary for a patio or deck.

Arbor Plans
Arbors provide a cozy feeling of enclosure without boxing you in. Sit back and enjoy the cool summer breeze in this simple structure, personalized with your wind chimes, bird feeders, banners or vines.

Garden Arbor
The cool way is to forget the fence and just build a gateway a portal from here to there that implies a change of space without presenting a physical barrier. Materials are readily available 4 x 4s for the posts, 2 x 6s for the arches and braces, and 1 x 6 stock ripped to width for the remaining pieces

Build an Arbor
Most arbor projects will cost between $300 and $350. Two people with intermediate carpentry skills can complete the project in one day

Entry Arbor
This arbor is also designed to be very sturdy, as in a lot of cases an arbor can be a rather flimsy garden structure. This arbor consists of 100x100 (4"x 4") posts concreted into the ground, 200x100 (4"x 8") beams checked and bolted to the posts and 100x50 (2"x 4") rafters fixed to the beams.

How to Build an Arbor
An arbor can be a beautiful addition to a garden or backyard setting. They are a simple construction project that can be completed in an afternoon and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Easy Arbor
The finished project separated the vine and the house, lowering the potential for rot; fixed the sinking stoop; and created a more inviting entryway to the home.

Grape Arbor
A grape arbor is a great structure for training unruly vines and creating shade for an intimate sitting area. Homeowners Tony and Jennifer Lewandowski had a small, sunny side yard with a 14- by 14-foot flagstone patio and two mature grape vines (figure A). They wanted an arbor to support the vines.

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