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See Through Copper Art Plan

Create Architectural Art Plan

ChildreníS Art Table

Intarsia Patriot's Plaque Plan

Chickadee Intarsia Plaque Plan

CatíS Meow Scrollsaw Plaque Plan

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Wood Art Collage
I decided to make a wood collage with wood scaps from various home remodel projects.

Rustic Decorating with DIY Barn Wood Art
Rustic decorating ideas with DIY barn wood art from reclaimed weathered boards.

Art Deco Desk Clock
Wood scraps to little to be of much use, but too beautiful to toss out. Now you can fashion those exotic or figured castoffs into a handsome time piece. Fee plan.

How to Make Wood Art Paintings
Looking for an easy arts and crafts project? Learn how to start a wood painting in this free craft video.

How to Paint Light Colors On Wood Art
Learn how to paint light colors for wood art with expert tips in this free craft video.

Turned Lamp Woodworking Plan
An elegant, easy-to-turn shape showcases exceptional curly walnut grain. Fee plan.

How To Make A Decorative Lamp
Design and produce your very own room fixtures that can otherwise cost quite a bit. This instructable details a decorative lamp design.

How to Make A Decorative Wooden Bucket
Watch this step by step how to video and make a decorative wooden bucket.

Decorative Wooden Nutcracker
This decorative wooden nutcracker is a perfect original gift for some one speical that enjoys making cookies, cakes and other desserts.

How to Make Decorative Wooden Shutters
Decorative wood shutters are a great way to dress up a plain-looking house.

DIY Wood Wall Art
I love the look of 3-panel hangings over a sofa. So, I decided to make my own with a cherry blossom branch motif.

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