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Grill Buddy
Build a grill buddy and dramatically increase your outdoor counter and storage space. This project is as much fun to build as it is to use.

BBQ Caddie
With this beautiful barbeque caddie, you'll never worry about dropping your burgers on the ground again!

BBQ Trolley
Mounted on casters, this is the ultimate entertainment unit for the summer. Used as a table, bar or buffet this project will take about 2-3 weekends to complete and will cost you around $250 in materials (Excludes bench-top & stain we paid $80 for the Stainless Steel bench-top).

Roll Around BBQ Cart
Have you ever noticed how outdoor cooking can often take a lot more effort and work than it really should? It seems that no matter how carefully you prepare for the job, you always have to run back into the house to get something you forgot or -- to find a place where you'll have enough room to cut up your meat or...

BBQ Trolley
Saw and cut on marked line 80 mm from each end and chisel out excess materials to give four rails as indicated in diagram. Check the dimension shown as 740 mm in diagram. This measurement should be the same for each cut and trimmed rail.

Tile Topped Cedar BBQ Cart
When we grill, we grill big. We like to have plenty of friends over and then treat them to big burgers, jumbo brats, and plenty of fresh grilled onions to top them off. Its quite a production and it demands a lot of space.

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