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Built in BBQ
Instead of a portable grill, we opted for a large, full-featured, built-in gas grill set into a ledgestone enclosure at the end of a cobblestone patio. It's a big project, and pricey, but the results are impressive. And we certainly won't lack for atmosphere or cooking capacity.

Brick BBQ Pit
Great barbecue can be prepared with nothing more than meat suspended on a framework of sticks over a bed of coals on the open ground. That's the way the Caribbean natives who gave barbecue its name did it. An enclosure of some sort, however, makes the cooking process a bit easier and more reliable.

Build a Brick BBQ
A brick barbecue can be a beautiful addition to your yard and it's the kind of project any person who enjoys working with their hands can take on themselves. Here's a guide to building your own backyard brick barbecue.

Dry Stack Barbeque
The plan below is a very simplistic barbeque that you can build in two days. The hardest part of the job is pouring a simple concrete pad that will support your barbeque. The pad MUST be square and level. This is not that hard to do. The pad should be 48 inches wide by 39 inches deep. Make it five inches thick.

Brick BBQ Grill
The top grill (cooking surface) is 14" x 21" and the lower grill, which is raised above the hearth floor by 2.5" and is about 4" below the top grill, is a smaller 11" x 18". When the barbecue is in use the top grill is lifted up, the charcoal is placed on the lower grill and set alight, then the top grill is put back...

Brick BBQ Pit With Wood Storage Rack
Supplies may run about $60 (NOTE: Remember this was published in 1954), but savings on indoor fuel bills will more than pay the cost eventually. The festive pleasure throughout countless summer and autumn seasons will be so much gravy for you and your family.

Wood Fired Oven
Do you love cooking and dining alfresco? Then move on from the backyard barbecue and build yourself a wood-fired pizza oven.

Timber BBQ Unit
This unit can be made from any material you like, but go for materials that are durable outdoors. We selected exterior grade plywood, which has either radiata pine or hoop pine veneer. This material is very robust and will accept stains and finishes that will match the hardwood tops.

Your Own Brick BBQ
The materials that make up this brick barbecue are relatively inexpensive, and as well as making a unique feature this will blend in beautifully with your home and patio and will last for years to come.

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