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Install The Barn Door
With the hinges attached to the barn door, the final step to building the bottom half of the barn doors is to install the door.

Homemade Barn Door Plans
Barn doors traditionally come in two designs. The doors can either swing on hinges or slide on an overhead track. Each design has advantages and disadvantages.

Barn Door Plans
Download one of the best dutch door designs around. Our step by step plans will allow you to build this extremely durable door yourself. Fee plans.

Sliding Barn Doors - Sawmill Creek
Forum members weigh in with suggestions, links, photos, and tips for building sliding barn doors.

How to Build Barn Doors
Dec 13, 2009 In this set of free woodworking plans, learn how to build a simple yet remarkably strong set of Barn Doors. It takes a few hours to build them but you'll be impressed with the results.

How to Hang An Interior Barn Door Track System
A sliding barn door is a unique, stylish way to and add privacy. DIY Network experts offer step-by-step installation instructions.

How to Build A Barn Door By Buzzle
Your cows surely need a better maintained home. So how to build a barn door? Here are some pointers and details to build a barn door.

How to Build Old Style Wood Barn Doors
One kind of barn-door style that is seen in a lot of places--and especially on older barn buildings--features horizontal ledges with a diagonal "X" pattern between them.

Where to Get The Barn Door Hardware
One challenge we had was that the bottoms of the doors were not attached to anything. While this didnít really affect the stability of the doors, it was a little strange to have them swing when they were opened or closed.

Build A Garden Tool Shed
Then hang the door and install the hook. You may desire to add a latch, use a block of wood held against both pieces to mark the angle on the rafters.

Barn Doors, Hardware, Materials and Building Help
An assortment of custom barn doors for sale to get your creative juices flowing.

Building Heavy Barn Doors
Here's a discussion of how to anticipate and deal with the inevitable movement of wood components in heavy duty barn doors.

Barn Door Construction - How to Build Barn Doors
There is nothing complicated about building yourself a nice looking wooden barn door. Using the technique described here, you'll be able to build any size of door you need.

Building A Shed from Recycled Wooden Pallets
This shed - including the door - was entirely built from recycled wood pallets. Built by Tom Anthony in Kodiak Alaska.

Building A Drive-Thru Backyard Shed
The doors are constructed using the siding cut-outs from the ends. 2-by-2 backing is used for strength and 1-by-3 trim boards are added to the door fronts.

DIY Ė Barn Door Wood
One of the textural looks that Iíve designed for my client, Judith, is a barn door wood. This wood will be used as doors on a track for a couple of storage units and a console unit.

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