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Build a Bat House
A bat house that mimics the space between bark and a tree trunk; that would be the bats' ideal nursery.

Bat House
Because bats have lost roosting sites and have been poisoned by pesticides, their numbers have dwindled and some species are endangered. Providing a home for them, not just as a daytime hangout but to make them less vulnerable during hibernation, is one way you can ensure their future.

Bat Houses
Bats eat up to 1000 mosquitoes an hour every night during the summer. Attracting bats to your yard is as easy as building a bat house, which provides them a warm, dry place to roost and brood.

Bat House Construction
Below you will find a simple plan for building a quality bat house which can be completed over a weekend and built with about $30 to $50 of materials.

Bat House Construction and Installation
Bat house construction and installation can be an environmentally friendly and rewarding activity. Putting up a bat house, however, does not guarantee that bats will use it. We dont know exactly why bats dwell in one house and not another, but by following a few recommendations you can increase the likelihood that...

Bat House Plans
This bat box house plan has been successful in attracting nursery colonies of little brown and big brown bats.

Build Bat Boxes
You can become part of a new and important conservation project that will help control insects around your home and perhaps save an endangered mammal, including models and directions.

How to Build a Bat House
These detailed instructions are sure to help you build your very own bat house.

Install a Bat House
Build or buy a bat house to control mosquitoes, moths and more.

Putting up a Bat House
This bat house is perfect if you are trying to increase the chance of enticing bats to take up residence in your bat house.

Small Bat House
This house should be hung on trees, poles, or the sides of buildings which have a good open area on at least one side for bats to maneuver while flying.

Small Economy Bat House
For this house be sure to adjust dimensions for back and front pieces, ceiling furring strip and netting. A 3/4" support spacer may be required in the centre of the roosting chamber for bat houses over 24" wide.

Bat Box
In addition to extra roosting space, the second chamber provides greater temperature diversity, allowing bats to select the most suitable temperatures.

Two Chamber Rocket Box
Rocket boxes are designed to fit over a wooden 4 x 4-inch post, which serves as both the landing area and roosting surface. The section of post that fits inside the rocket box must not be chemically treated. An untreated, 16-foot or longer rough-cut post is recommended.

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