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Not exactly your standard beehive but still helpful for any beekeeping interests you may have.

Beehive Dadant Type Frames
This drawing covers how to build Dadant style frames to fit a Langstroth Hive.

Beehive Double Screen Board
The Double Screen or Snellgrove Board is a management tool that allows the beekeeper to make two queen hives, make multiple nucleus hives on top of a main hive, or divide the hive for swarm control. It has 8 entrances, top and bottom entrances on each side which can be opened or kept closed.

Beehive 10-Frame Assembly Jig
The plans are especially designed to construct a 10-Frame Assembly Jig.

Beehive 20-Frame
This extractor design is by Dave Verville and is called the Yankee Beekeeper’s 20-Frame Extractor. It contains 9 pages of drawings and detailed instructions.

Beehive Miller Type Feeder
The Miller type feeder has the same outside dimensions as the Langstroth hive. It contains two feeding “trays” that can be filled with syrup. The bees can enter up the center crawl space and access both sides. Large amounts of feed can be given this way with no disturbance to the bees or the beekeeper as the wire...

Beehive Removable Swarm Catching Frame
This hinged frame that opens like a book is designed to allow easy capture of feral comb that can then be placed into a conventional hive. Designed by Dee Lusby, it’s basically a split frame that is wired on both sides to hold comb in place. Once filled, the ends of the top bar are wired together and placed into a...

Beehive Screen Bottom Board
These Build It Yourself plans are sized for the Langstroth Beehive.

Beehive Slatted Bottom Rack
A Slatted Bottom Rack is a ventilation board that fits between the bottom hive body and the bottom board (Langstroth Hive). It provides cluster space for bees, allows air circulation without allowing a direct draft on the brood, and helps prevent swarming.

Beehive Solar Wax Melter
A relatively cheap way to render wax is to use a solar melter. The heat is free and a side benefit is the bleaching of the wax by the sun. The drawing assumes 3/4? lumber.

Bee Vac
At the end of the day this bee vacuum will allow you to have more salvageable comb (put back into empty frames and tie with cotton string or rubber-bands) cleaner honey (without 1000’s of bee-parts) and a bunch more live bees.

Standard Beehive
Easy steps and cheap; these plans are sure to provide you with the knowledge to make your own beehive.

3-Frame Observation Hive
This beehive design uses Oak lumber and is quite easy to assemble.

5-Frame Langstroth Nucleus Beehive
A nuc (nucleus) hive has all the features of a standard 10-frame hive except on a reduced scale. The nuc hive is used for making splits, swarm control, queen introduction, and pollen/nectar monitoring, to name a few. This version is put out by the U.S.D.A.

10-Frame Langstroth Beehive
Plans for a 10-Frame Langstroth bee hive.

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