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Wood Bike Rack
This bike rack is made from construction lumber and accomodates up to four bikes.

Bike Rack
Self supporting bike rack. DXF Format.

Bike Rack
Build this customizable rack for three, four or more bikes This bike rack is similar to one I built on Home and Garden Televisionís In The Workshop, with one major change; the one here is made of Trex recycled decking boards. On television I made it out of spruce. In reality, you can build it out of...

Building a Bike Rack
If you don't have a drill press in your shop, this project is the perfect excuse to get one--you'll need it for most of the steps. The adjustability of this bike rack depends on having straight holes, accurately drilled 1 1/2" apart.

Georgia-Pacific Bike Rack
Plan your bike rack carefully considering the height, length and number of bicycles you wish to accommodate. You can adjust these plans to your exact specifications.

DIY Bike Rack
We had 3 or 4 bikes leaned up against the wall, in various states of disrepair. We scribbled up some plans for a vertical rack with legs to support it, but never built anything. A few months back, we saw this online, and figured we could build one cheaper.

Triangle Bike Rack
Here are the bike rack plans for the standalone homemade triangle bike rack. Itís actually quite simple to build if you know how to weld. These can be made for as many or few bikes as you need. Just adjust the length of the poles.

Cargo Rack Bike
You can build a bike out of a commercially available cargo rack. Normally this cargo rack mounts behind a standard bike to extent the back wheel 1.5 feet back and makes room for its own large panniers, it has a a wood deck on top and plenty of tie down points for heavy duty hauling.

Wooden Cargo Bikes
So you want to build a bike in the worst possible way... Our epiphany came when we were trying to make a large castor wheel for a parade float. We drilled a hole in a scrap of redwood 4x6 lumber and mounted an old Campagnolo bike headset in it.

Cheap Bike Rack
We used a 3 speed, gear-hub, girls bike, but you could probably adapt the simple design to work with any bike. The end result is pretty goofy looking but very effective at hauling people and cargo. You can find a bike like this for $15 at goodwill and should plan on spending $10 on the bolts and wood.

Outdoor Bike Rack
Outside the front of the house, there's a small plot of dirt that wasn't being used for anything. I thought that this would be perfect to build a permanent, hefty outdoor bike rack.

Simple Bike Rack
This is a simple bike rack constructed from 3/4" PVC pipe.

Foldaway Bike Racks
I always have people staying with me who have bikes. I needed a way store all of there bikes in my garage and still have space to parka car and build. This simple project lets you make cheap fold away bike racks.

Rack from Old Skis & Ski Poles
Bicycle parking rack for 5 bikes made from old skis and ski poles. Wood or PVC pipe could be used in place of skis and poles. I just happened to have these available and didn't want to throw them away.

The Wood's Fake, But The Bike Is Real
Every six months or so Fine Woodworking magazine receives a photo of a bike built out of wood. Most are models, some full size, some in miniature, and we have been impressed enough to publish several...

PVC Bike Rack
Bike racks are an ideal way to hold a bicycle up without having to prop it against a building. Most of the mountain or distance bikes do not have kickstands and it helps to have a bike rack. Building a bike rack out of PVC pipe is an economical way of having a bike rack.

Your Own Mountain Bike Rack
Fits in the back of your truck to carry three bikes in style. Time needed = about 1 hour. Total Cost = Under $20.

Foldaway Bike Rack
All you need are a few pieces of 1x4x48-inch wood-which you can easily get in salvaged form-some two-inch wood screws, a handful of washers, and a good handle on a scroll saw.

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