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Carved Owl Coat Hanger
The owl is a departure from Amateur Woodworker's normal type of project in that it involves carving rather than the more usual woodworking skills. However, it is still in keeping with AW's philosophy of needing just a handful of tools.

Bird's Nesting Box
As winter descends upon us, it is time to skip ahead and begin considering the spring (it's certainly one way of ignoring the darker evenings!) In particular, now is the time to start building a bird nesting box so that when the spring does arrive, your local birds have a nice new home. By putting the...

Building A Birdhouse
This project will be easier if you have a band saw, table saw or scroll saw; however, power tools are unnecessary. Many people receive tremendous satisfaction from constructing bird houses using only...

Nesting Box
A nexting box for American Robins or Barn Swallows. Great scout or school project. DXF Format.

Bird House Lamp
Cute lamp in the form of a two-story birdhouse. Nice weekend project. DXF Format.

The Wren And Blue Jay Bird Houses
Here are two simple Bird House designs that you can easily build in a single weekend! Getting the birds to flock to your home is a lot easier when you provide them with elegant, low- cost housing that...

Free Traditional Birdhouse Plan
Our simplest and least expensive project to build. Follow these detailed illustrated design plans and your birdhouse will be completed in about an hour. All you need are these plans, a 1"x6" board (We...

Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind
Building some bird housing will improve your libido as the natural forces of Spring work their magic. Artisans' work featured on this Episode...

Birds of a feather will flock to this handsome trio of houses For some reason, birdhouses are overlooked as worthwhile woodworking projects and are supposedly only for novice beginners. But designing a great birdhouse is harder than it looks. The design must enable you to open it up for an annual cleaningówithout...

Bird Feeder
The Plexiglas sides show the level of the feed. However, Masonite can be used instead. Either material can be attached with screws or nails directly to the edges of the ends, or you can saw a kerf 1/4...

Wren House
Note that this house may be top-mounted, back-mounted or hung from a limb or porch. If it is to be back-mounted on a post or tree, the back should be 8 inches long-or you can nail a longer board to the...

Sparrow Hawk or Screech Owl House
While the dimensions shown are considered optimum, they can vary from 8 x 8 inches to 10 x 10 in-ches inside dimensions. The hole can be from 9 to 12 inches above the floor. You can put an inch or two...

Wood Duck Nest Box
No man-made nesting device for waterfowl has gone through more design changes than that for the beautiful wood duck. Early types were usually made of wood, while newer models are constructed predominantly...

Wren and Chickadee Box
The 1 1/8-inch hole size is adapted to the needs of house, Bewick and Carolina wrens and chickadees. If you only want to attract house wrens, the hole can be reduced to 7/8 inch (the diameter of a quarter).

Barn Owl Nest Box
The important elements of a barn owl nest box are roominess (to accomodate the species' large broods) and seclusion from predation. Although barn owls have used oddest of designs, the style shown here...

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