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Blanket Chest Plan

Craftsman Blanket Chest Plan

Cedar Blanket Chest - Woodworking

Storage Deacon Bench
This simple, butt-jointed Blanket Chest can hold blankets or a good number of gloves, hats, scarves, etc.

The Ultimate Blanket Chest
I apologize for the arrogance of calling this the "ultimate" blanket chest. It is only "ultimate" from my limited scope. What I want to do in the next few weeks here, is to make a blanket chest that has some features that are made possible by tools and...

Blanket Chest
A blanket chest with dovetailed sides. DXF Format.

Blanket Chest
A very detailed drawing of a traditional blanket chest. DXF Format.

New England Pine Blanket Chest
Building this charming chest will sharpen woodworking skills in a number of ways. At the same time, it will allow students to build and finish a treasured piece of furniture. Building this chest will pose more of a challenge than a beginner project. Basic construction is simple; there are no unnecessary...

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