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Cottage Birdhouse Plan

Metal Roof Birdhouse Plan

A Tudor For Tweeters Plan

Decorative Turned Birdhouse Plan

Intarsia Gold Finch Plan

Bluebird Nesting Box
A simple, yet effective bird house that you can build in a couple hours.

Bluebird House
The top may be mounted on a hinge, or a 1/2-inch dowel may be substituted for the hold-down strip for the roof. If the beveled corners on the bottom are omitted, drill four 1/4-inch...

Bluebird House Drawing
This exploded drawing comes complete with a materials and tools list. From Garden Gate Magazine.

Eastern Bluebird House
Schematics for a basic bluebird house. For best results, place nest boxes in pairs about 10 to 25 feet apart and 100-200 yards between pairs.

North American Bluebird Society
Five styles of bluebird nest box plans plus lots of authorative information about the bluebird.

USGS Bluebird House Plans for the one-board and Peterson box
Plans for the one-board box and Peterson box. Also info on required nest box sized, favored materials and other specifics.

Wooden Garden Bluebird House
Start with a single pine board and end up with a simple, but functional, blue bird house.

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