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Boat In A Kit
Back in the days when small boats were powered by oar and sail, they had to move easily through the water. And it's no surprise that they looked good, too. The water-kindly lines that enabled a hull to slip effortlessly through a calm or handle a freshening breeze produced some of the most graceful...

Flat bottom cajun style boat. DXF Format.

Dock Box
Storage designed for waterfront living Itís a beautiful day in cottage country, and youíre about to step into the boat. The sun is warm, the water is glistening, life is good. Itís a perfect scene, the kind of thing summer memories are made ofóat least, until the clammy embrace...

Pocket Cruiser
This little boat (5.5m long) was conceived for easy coastal sailing. "Egoist" is her name and sailing is her game. Build it from plywood with easy stitch and glue techniques.

Fishing Boat Designs
V-bottom boats of planked and plywood construction. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper.

Free Boat Designs
Includes plans for a small pram, oarmouse, flying mouse, mouse, light rowing skiff, dogsbody outboard skiff, electric schock, and your basic plywood dinghy. Construction details in both gif and dxf forms plus instructions for cutting out the ply material for hull and decking.

Svenson's Free Boat Plans
Free Boat Plans from "Science and Mechanics","Boat Builder Handbook" and other very old magazines.

JEM Watercraft Plans
Free pontoon boat plans, free touring canoe plans, free portage yoke plans, and free kayak plans.

Wooden Dinghy
Building plans for boats designed and built by Radoslaw Werszko. Stitch-and-glue plywood construction.

Sunapee 22-Foot Cruiser
Free Plans for the Sunapee 22' Cruiser designed by Carl Gage. From the 1935 edition of "Twenty Boats You Can Build".

Micro Folding Dinghy
The Micro Folding Dinghy is based on one of Matt Layden's early folding dinghies; however it incorporates some of Matt's ideas as well as a few of our own to create a cheap and sturdy boat.

We found the frame drawings of this dinghy in a book published in 1957, that's why "Dinghy -57". This is an adaptation of those drawings to stich and glue construction. The "Dinghy -57" measures 7'10" x 3'4" and barely fulfills my "minimum boat requirements" presented in the "Simple Dinghy" section.

Coolwater Shanty Boat
Well, maybe it might cost a little more in today's money. These plans even detail how to make a built in wooden bilge pump!

Tom Thumb Ice-Boat and Larger Craft
The principle is simple enough, and with some sticks, two small pieces of inch lumber, three old skates, and two boards, a real little "Tom Thumb Ice-Yacht" can be built to hold a crew of one, and to be rigged like a catboat or with a jib and mainsail.

Basic Sailing Dinghy
The most basic sailing dinghy design essential consists of a 'box with a sheet' along with some form of rudder or other blade to control the direction of travel.

s there any point in building something as useless as a 4 ft dinghy?

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