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Craftsman Bookcase Plan

Build-In-A-Weekend Bookcase Plan

Craftsman Two-Drawer Bookcase Plan

Knock-Down Cherry Bookcase Plan

Towering Tomes Bookcase Plan

Easy-to-Build Low Bookcase Plan

Bookcase Plan - Built-In Bookcases

Arts And Crafts Bookcase Plan, Mission Style

Book Caddy
The usual way to hold books on top of a shelf or cabinet is with bookends- but here is an alternate way that is attractive in its own right and also tilts the books upward so you can read the titles more easily.

Anniversary Bookcase
A good bookcase is more than a set of shelves. It's a home for your most treasured volumes--a place to not only store and protect, but, more importantly, to display. In fact, while it may be designed to hold books, it's also the perfect place to show off photographs and collectibles. The problem is,...

If you suffer from the anguish of shelf-denial, it's time to build your own bookcase.

An Arts & Crafts Style Bookcase
As the saying goes, there's nothing like good books. But they can present some storage problems--especially if you like to keep them after you've read them. Wall-mounted shelves are a common storage solution for all this bound wisdom. But they're not easily portable if you want to rearrange the furniture...

How To Build A Bookcase
A basic pine bookcase designed to be built with basic woodworking tools.

Book Case Plans And Instructions
This bookcase is 41" tall by 42" wide and was made for my grandson Michael's bedroom. There is a short back to the top shelf to help keep stuff from sliding off and a toe kick under the bottom shelf, cause kids will be standing on it! I used red oak for my shelves, to match other furniture in the room, but, ash,...

Build A Trapezoidal Bookcase
This Arts and Crafts-styled piece combines through-tenon joinery and biscuit-anchored shelves

Making the Pyramid Bookcase
I moved about 2 months ago, and my shop is gradually getting "there." There are still a dozen or so boxes to unpack, and I do that concurrent with doing woodworking projects. But, my inside office is a mess. No boxes have yet been unpacked. Magazines,...

Nice, clean bookcase design. A good beginner's project. DXF Format.

A second bookcase design from Wayne. This one a little more complex. DXF PDF formats.

Child's Bookcase & Toy Storage Unit
Bookcase & Storage for child's room. Includes cutting diagram. DXF Format.

Bookcase / End Table
Plans for a bookcase / end table.

Vertical Organizer
This simple organizer neatly stores papers, files, books, magazines, catalogs etc. We have provided several customization options so that you can accommodate different size items, vary the style, and...

The Tall Bookcase
Here's a tall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase with the versatility to serve a variety of purposes Here's a relatively simple-to-build bookcase that's sure to make an attractive addition to any room in your...

Stairwell Bookcase
In most homes, the inside walls are made up of 2" by 4" studs placed 14 and inches apart. Between these studs are perfect places for bookshelves or display cases.

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