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Build A Boomerang
Boomerangs come in a surprising number of shapes. This article shows you how you can make your own flying wing with just a few hours of shop time.

How to Make A Boomerang
The plywood you choose should have several plys and be around 1/4 inch thick. Birch is an excellent choice because it is light and strong.

Boomerang Passion Plans
Collection of boomerang plans in French. Click on the image to see the high resolution plan.

Make Your Own Boomerang
Oak, maple, or any tough wood is best to use. Laminated construction is best because of less tendency to warp.

Boomerang Plans By Pierre Kutek
Links to lots and lots of boomerang plans. In French.

Boomerang Construction
Covers choice of wood, cutting out the pattern, finishing, and weighing the completed boomerang.

How To Make A Boomerang
Make an amazing boomerang that works great. Very easy to make and extremely fun to use. For outdoor use only.

How To Make Boomerangs By Wishbone Boomerangs
There are many different airfoil designs to suit the various types of boomerangs that one can build. I'll share with you the general formula that I most often use.

How to Throw A Boomerang
How hard is it to throw a boomerang?H ere, Darnell outlines the írang rules that separate a successful throw from one that eats dirt.

How to Make A Balsa Wood Cross Stick Boomerang
A simple boomerang that is safe to fly indoors can be made with balsa wood, a rubber band, some blutack and a matchstick.

Make A Boomerang That Actually Comes Back!
I teach engineering in high school and this is a project I do with my classes. If a ninth grader can build a working boomerang so can you.

Dave'S Boomerang Home Page
For more about what I am doing with boomerangs, check out my boomerang blog at: Boomerang Dave's Blog Building Boomerangs: Vertical Lap Joint Boomerangs

How To Make Traditional Boomerangs
In this site you will find information on making boomerangs, places to learn more about boomerangs, ways to contact other people interested in boomerangs, and lots more.

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