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How To Build A Boot Drying Rack
This boot rack for drying and storing wet boots is so easy to make, you will be kicking yourself (with a boot) for not thinking of building it sooner. Made of 2X lumber and PVC pipe.

How to Make A Boot Drying Rack
Purchasing a boot drying rack for your home can cost hundreds of dollars, however, you can create your own with a few handyman's supplies in just a couple of hours.

Boot Dryer On The Cheap
Tired of these boots that never seem to dry after a day on the trails? With a small fan and a few pieces of wood, here’s how I fixed that.

Gumboot Rack and Scraper
A versatile wooden rack containing boot drying pegs and a boot scraper.

Boot Rack and More
This multipurpose rack includes a seat with a pull out drawer that contains a BootJack to help pry off boots, a small closet to hold a broom and dust pan, five coat hooks, and two levels of boot and racks.

Easy Build Boot Rack By Martha Stewart
This rack is made from pine boards and wooden dowels that are pieced together using nothing more than a rubber mallet.

Boot Rack and Pull DIY
Includes a device to simplify yanking off your boots, and a boot rack to help keep your boots in order.

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