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Ceiling Box Beams Can Be Installed with Ease
Even though they look like solid beams, most ceiling beams are hollow and are installed for strictly decorative purposes.

Box Beam Ceiling Woodworking Plan
If you can build a can build these realistic ceiling beams for your home! You'll start by attaching a simple grid of inexpensive 2x6s to the ceiling joists.

Add Character with A Box-Beam Ceiling
Veteran finish carpenter shows how to assemble a simple box beam using quirk joints between the sides and bottom, and gives several options for intersecting the bottoms of the beams across the grid.

How to Build Boxed Ceiling Beams
Boxed Beams, a simulation of heavy, solid, structural beams, can add a warm rustic look to any room. They can be kept smooth, stressed, or recessed with an 1/8" reveal.

Box Beam Ceiling - Making Lemonade from Lemons
a dressed up dining room with an architectural feature fairly true to the period – and a ‘floating’ ceiling largely immune to any future shifts.

No-Seam Faux Ceiling Beams
Advice on how to build and install fake ceiling beams with invisible seams from the forums.

Perfecting Coffered Ceilings
How to use U-shaped ceiling supports instead of an elaborate framed grid to create a coffered ceiling.

Faux Ceiling Beams Create Rustic Feel
Add a rustic touch to a cathedral ceiling with lightweight fake beams.

Want Fake Ceiling Beams.
DIY forum members chip in with suggestions for building fake ceiling beams.

Authentic Looking False Beams
We suggest "beams with a twist." Not twisted beams. Beams that are different interesting, easy to build and expensive looking when completed.

Transform Your Room With Faux Wood Beams
If you want the look of real wood beams without the hard labor of installing and finishing them, faux wood beams are the ticket.

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