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A-Frame Log Cabin
Drawings for 36' A Frame cabin from the cooperative extension office of North Dakota State University

Three Room Log Cabin
Free architectural plans for a three room log cabin with a porch and chimney.

Basic Cabin
Drawings for a rather basic (but inexpensive) cabin that measures 23 feet by 14 feet.

Summer Camp Cabin
Drawings for a summer camp cabin featuring a protruding front porch and tapering chimney.

Cabin Shed
Downloadable plans for a free cabin shed featuring log sides, metal roof, and an attractive porch.

Easy To Build Cabin Plans
Small Easy To Build Cabin Plans. Fee plan.

How To: Build An Old-School Log Cabin
Log Home Living shows how to build an old school log cabin.

Build a Log Cabin
Building a log cabin may seem like a challenging undertaking, but it actually requires no specialized skills. With the right set of simple plans, nearly anyone should be able to build a log cabin from scratch or from a log cabin kit.

Simple Log Cabin
A log cabin can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Here is the basic outline of how to build a simple log cabin.

Log Cabin Sticks
Log cabins can be made from a variety of wood materials, but one of the most artistic ways to build a log cabin is by using natural wood sticks. A natural stick cabin is an eye-catching display piece.

Homemade Log Cabin
Go to a workshop on how-to-build a log cabin, develop a complete project budget that also includes unexpected expenses, get the building site, and then choose a design.

DIY Log Cabin
Whether you need to build a wilderness shelter or choose a refined vacation retreat, all styles of homemade log cabins share common characteristics.

Primitive Log Cabin
A primitive log cabin can be a hunting getaway, a place to camp out of the elements, or a kid's playhouse.

Rustic Log Cabin
A rustic log cabin differs from more elaborate log homes because of its simplicity and rough-hewn appearance.

Small Log Cabin
A log cabin is a simple structure that can be built entirely by hand. Nowadays, most are built from kits, but you can build your own small log cabin with the barest of necessities like a chainsaw and your own timber.

Traditional Log Cabins
The traditional log cabin was the hallmark of the pioneer West. It could be constructed quickly from the frontier's abundant natural resources, furnishing a comfortable home.

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