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Mission Cabinet
Concept drawing of mission style cabinet. DXF Format.

Oriental Cabinet
Exposed joinery has its own aesthetic appeal, but you can achieve an entirely different- and equally valid- effect by striving to hide all evidence of how the piece fits together. Such is the case with this small cabinet...

Build A File Cabinet/Table
This chest works as a file cabinet and a table.

Build A Child's Maple Storage Cabinet And Easel
We all want the best for our children--even when their creative endeavors seem to overtake every surface in the house. How do you know when it's gone too far? Well, when you start writing checks with a Day-Glo pen or get the cold shoulder for accidentally sitting on your finger-painted portrait, it's...

Ironing Board Cabinet
A wall mounted cabinet for a tilt-out ironing board. Nicely detailed drawing in DXF format.

Building A Kneewall Cabinet
A kneewall is a short wall that meets the slope of the roofline in an upstairs room. By cutting a hole in a kneewall and installing a recessed cabinet, you can turn the wasted space behind it into a useful storage area. Because the body (carcass) of...

Building Basic Cabinets
The simple base cabinet and hanging wall cabinet shown here use the same basic construction as professionally built kitchen cabinets, but because they are custom-designed, trimmed, and finished to blend into the room, they become permanent built-in features...

Creative Ideas - Boy's Perfect Palace
This castle hutch allows your child to organize his belongings while his imagination runs free. Bring a blank wall in your child's room to life with this fantasy furnishing. Let your little one's imagination...

1920's style combination secretary/bookcase. DXF Format.

Literature Cabinet
A cabinet to store and display magazines. Includes a bulletin board. DXF Format.

Small Cabinet
A small cabinet for storage. DXF Format.

Base Cabinet
What happens when you try to build what could have been a simple kitty condo in a shop with a new lathe? 18 columns, a total of 158 beads and 19 balls, among other spindle fanciness, highlight the excesses...

Living Room Cabinets
Our living room has a fireplace on the end wall that for some reason is 3-inches off-center to the right. Stock cabinets are not likely to work well, but several new tool acquisitions helped produce a...

Small Wall Cabinet
The area beneath most wall-hung shop cabinets seemed lost to me. With all of the small hand tools and clamps we use in woodworking, I knew there had to be a way to make some use of this space. I wanted...

French-Canadian Cabinet
Diamond points are a distinctive, sought-after design element This cabinet is a reproduction of a Louis XIII piece built in 18th-century Quebec. After this time, woodworkers began to incorporate British and American elements in their furniture. Ideal materials were plentiful: an entire diamond-point...

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