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Intarsia Christmas Candles Plan

Candles On A Curve Plan

Bright-Idea Candleholders Plan

Wall Sconces Plan

The Candle Sconce And Desktop Pencil Holder
Here's an attractive, early American style wall sconce that's universal enough in its design to fit well with practically any home decor.

Early Candlestick
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Candle Holder
Weathered barn board adds character to this candle holder This simple candle holder always gets rave reviews when I make it for someone as a gift. The key ingredient here is weathered barn board. Donít make this project with new wood unless you intend to distress it afterward. There is a Canadian...

Cottage Candle
Low-tech light casts a warm glow Nothing beats the cozy atmosphere candlelight adds to a roomóboth indoors and out. And building this wall-mounted candle sconce is almost as easy as lighting a match. You may in fact want to build several to illuminate an entire room or deck. Maybe Redwood This...

Cordless Bug Lights
Give bugs the citronella kiss-off while casting a warm glow on your outdoor activities Thereís something magical about the warm glow of candlelight on a summer evening. Itís even more impressive if it is the flicker of citronella candles convincing bugs to go somewhere else. The frosted glass on these...

Heart And Bow Candle Holder
This candle holder can be finished with a clear stain for a natural look, or the two parts can be painted with complementary colours. Use 1 1/2" thick material for heart, 3/4" material for bow, print...

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