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How To Make A Carpet Kicker
Although not as fancy as the high tech, expensive kickers on the market, this article aims to show you how to make a carpet kicker for use in your own home for a better fit.

Homemade Carpet Kicker
You will need a wooden frame, 1 inch thick by 14 inches long, two squares of wood, a toothed metal plate and cushion to protect your knees.

How to Make A DIY Carpet Kicker
A carpet kicker is a tool that allows you to install carpet snugly and finish the edges so they have a professional look.

Home Made Knee Kicker
Tips, links, and photos for building a carpet knee kicker from common materials.

Home Made Knee Kicker
Too far from Home Depot et al., to rent knee kicker (and too cheap), so made my own "hammer kicker" (if that is not an oxymoron).

How to Make A Carpet Stretcher
A carpet stretcher is an important part of the equation: It is a tool with teeth attached to it designed to gently grab the carpet without causing any runs or snags.

Poor Man'S Carpet Stretcher
I got to thinking and did some snooping around and found out that 1-1/4 inch electrical steel conduit is the exact size of one of the tubes (The big outer one) this thing uses. So I made my own.

DIY Knee Kicker
How to build a knee kicker from two 2x4's, each about 16 inches long and a tack strip affixed to the bottom.

How to Stretch Carpet
Once you build your own carpet kicker, you need to know how to use it. Discusses carpet hooking and stretching techniques.

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