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Changing Table Into Toys
Courtney Watkins explains how to turn an old baby-changing table into two pieces of play furniture for your child.

Baby Changing Table
Baby changing tables are a wonderful - yet expensive - addition to any nursery. With that in mind we set about building a baby changing table that would provide a strong combination of practicality and price. The resulting table has subsequently been "battle-tested" for the past month and has stood...

Build A Baby Changing Station
A changing station is an attractive and useful gift. Build a Baby Changing Station When it comes to babies, there is one thing you can always count on — change. And whether you are getting ready...

Plan Station
They sell this awesome, portable plan station as a time-saving alternative to building your own temporary table: "Simply pound 2 nails into the wall, and slip 2, 24” x 48” scraps of plywood into the fabric panels of the Plan Station™ – you’ve got a complete work station in less than 5 minutes!

Changing Tables
Tips on choosing the style of changing table that's right for you and your baby.

How to Build A Baby Changing Table
How to Build a Baby Changing Table While on a Budget.

DIY Changing Table
Considering the number of diapers used during a baby's first year, a dedicated space to change the baby is highly desirable.

How to Build A Wood Changing Table
One of the main considerations in knowing how to build a wood changing table is to build a sturdy, safe and convenient piece of furniture.

DIY Baby Bedroom Furniture
The best thing about doing-it-yourself is that you get to completely customize every piece of furniture in your baby's bedroom to match whatever your style or theme is.

DIY Folding Changing Table
The best thing about doing-it-yourself is that you get to completely customize every piece of furniture in your baby's bedroom to match whatever your style or theme is.

Dresser into a Baby Changing Table
Even a dresser can easily be transformed into a changing table, saving money and customizing baby's new room.

Changing Table
A changing table provides a convenient place to diaper your infant, a task you will spend quite a bit of time on in the first few months of your baby's life.

Baby Safe On a Changing Table
Keeping a baby safe on a changing table is something all parents needs to know. Changing tables make dressing babies and changing their diapers much easier.

How to Keep Your Baby Occupied on the Changing Table
When your baby is a newborn, changing their diaper is pretty much easy. They lay on the changing table and let you, Mommy or Daddy, change them.

Changing Table with no sides
Using a dresser changing table with no sides can be done safely as long as a few precautions are taken.

Baby Changing Station
With the arrival of your new infant, you'll want to have a safe place to change diapers and outfits.

Hang a Baby Changing Table
A wall-mounted changing table for your baby is much more flexible to use than a cart-style changing table.

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