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Unique do-it-yourself playhouse plans simple easy playhouse plans.

Movable Playhouse
Kids love to play in playhouses. They are great for girls or boys. Build a movable playhouse with wood, tools and your imagination for hours of pretend play fun.

Frame a Playhouse
Build a simple playhouse that will be less expensive and easier to build than many high end, expensive models. Spend a weekend to frame and construct this playhouse.

Indoor Playhouse
Make more than one playhouse and alter them to create a multi-room playhouse. An indoor playhouse made of PVC is an inexpensive and lightweight option when compared to other play spaces.

Build a Level Playhouse
If you want to build a level playhouse, you will need a level site. A playhouse is much smaller and lighter than a house, but it is still an investment of your time and money.

Childs Playhouse
A playhouse gives your child a sense of personal space and independence. With the right tools and materials, a playhouse can be built on your own for much less that it would cost to hire a carpenter.

A Boy's Playhouse
Simple playhouses can be built with materials from your local appliance and home improvement store.

A Summerhouse or Playhouse
Today, I'm going to give you some tips on how to choose, prepare and build a summer-house/playhouse. Also I'll tell you how to decorate and design the inside and out of the built summerhouse/playhouse.

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