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Mobile Clamp Rack By FarmerBill
With construction of the mobile clamp rack, I no longer have to use up precious shop wall space or have clamps strung-out all over the shop.

Build A Mobile Clamp Rack On The Cheap
The best thing about this cart is that it cost me virtually nothing to build. I was able to reclaim the casters off of an old cart, and scrap and cutoffs from other projects to build the whole thing.

Clamp Storage - Woodworking Talk
Several users weigh in with their suggestions for portable wood clamp carts.

Portable Clamp Rack Pics
I am real satisfied with how this turned out. It sure is nice having all my clamps in on place and being able to move them to where I need them.

Portable Clamp Rack By Milo
This is a portable clamp rack I put together the other day. It’s on wheels, has a small storage compartment, and a quick access top to commonly used items.

New Yankee Clamp Cart
Norm creates a storage cart for his collection of woodworker’s clamps. When he needs several clamps, he can easily wheel over his collection to make his choice. Fee plan.

Rolling Clamp Rack
If clamps are cluttering the workspace learn how to make this easy clamp storage rack to organize various sizes of clamps.

Mobile Clamp Cart from Popular Woodworking
This clamp storage cart was featured in the October 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Design, SkecthUp Model and project construction by senior editor Robert W. Lang.

Wood Clamp Caddy
This clamp caddy can be made from a single sheet of plywood - with enough left over to make several wall-mounted clamp racks.

Sheet Goods / Clamp Cart
I know one way is to get the pile of sheet goods out of the corner and up onto a proper rack with wheels. The concept is that the more things I have on wheels, the more flexible and usable the space will be.

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