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Wall Mounted Clamp Rack
This wall mounted clamp rack uses four strips of plywood glued back to back, except, the last piece was cut at 45 degrees lengthwise and only half it is glued to the main board.

Space-saving Bar Clamp Racks
Each are attached to the other by the sturdy hinges so that they can be opened like a book. With this design, I can put 30 clamps on the wall within the space for ten.

Overhead Clamp Holder
My small clamp storage merely consists of a couple pieces of ″ plywood hanging from the ceiling joists. When I need a clamp or two, I simply reach up, lift the plywood off its hangers and remove the clamps I need.

DIY Pipe Clamp Rack
One way to maximize the storage space you have in your basement or garage is to look overhead. In this case we were looking for storage space to accommodate different sized clamps.

Building A Clamp Rack
My old clamp rack is holding lot more clamps than it was originally designed to hold. So it is time to build a new rack.

Mobile Clamp Rack
Tired of dragging clamps around my shop, I built this rack that brings them right to the job. It takes up only 21 x 32 in. of real estate.

Bessey K-body Clamp Rack
This is a great use of the wall over the space heater and handles an expanded number of Bessey K-body clamps.

Clamp Rack Combo
Hang a few clamps on the rack, and then adjust the rack to a convenient height. Fee plan.

Clamp Rack For The Space Challenged
I came upon this link. I thought it was worth sharing as it is an excellent way of storing clamps for the space challenged shop.

Universal Clamp Rack Woodworking Plan
Here is a simple solution based on commonly available adjustable shelf hardware. Fee plan.

Pipe-Clamp Rack Woodworking Plan
Here are three separate plans for a pipe-, bar-, and C-clamp rack. Fee plan.

The RunnerDuck Wood-clamp Rack
I decided it was time to make some sort of storage rack that would hold both my clamps and my sheet wood. The following is what I came up with.

A Good Design For Clamp Racks
My clamp racks are about as simple as they come. For my Jet parallel clamps, I use a 24 and a strip of 3/4″ ply. The ply has numerous cutouts on it that allow the clamps to slip in.

Pipe Clamp Rack For Large and Small Clamps
My pipe clamp rack is mounted rigid to one of the walls in my shop. It projects only 8″ out from the wall. While this did eat up some wall space, it did not require any additional floor space.

Rack For Pipe Clamps
This rack is designed for strength and economy and is easy to build if you have a bandsaw. Six wooden arms can be cut from a four foot long 2x6 board.

Pipe-clamp Storage
This simple-to-build project has proven to be the heavyweight champ of pipe- clamp racks. We built it out of 2x4 stock and some 1/2" steel rod.

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