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Desk Clock
Desk or mantle clocks make ideal Christmas presents, especially for the uncle who already seems to have everything he could possibly need. The problem is that the typical clock design is rather boring, being a rectangular block of wood with a clock mechanism stuck on it. Of course, it doesn't have to...

Building A Shaker Wall Clock
Isaac Newton Youngs, a Shaker brother who lived in the Mount Lebanon community in New York, built 22 or more of these clocks, yet they still stand out as a hallmark of Shaker style. Some clocks were...

Fine Timber Clock
As seen in Better Homes and Gardens magazine August 2003 issue.

A Clock For Your Workshop
Everyone needs a clock in the workshop because we all know how the time can fly by when you're totally involved in your latest project. What could be more appropriate than a workshop theme for your workshop...

Making the Grandfather's Clock - Getting Started
When I was producing videos, it was said that a day of preplanning could save an hour of editing. That was a bargain when you considered editing could cost from $400 to $1200 an hour. So when Beth and I started this project (in inset), we thought that...

Making Small Clock/Frame Presents
So here I was looking at some small clocks in a gift shop nearby, and this young lady notices me measuring one wood item and she asked: "What are you going to do, make one?" "No," I said, " I think I will make 10 or so." At the end of the conversation...

Wall Clock
A simple wall clock with three shelves. Another nice project for beginners. You can see more of Patrick's work at his web site (in French). DXF Format.

Tall Clock
Thirteen drawings and a text file. Drawn in TurboCAD and converted to DXF format.

Shaker Clock
Plans and cutting diagram for a Shaker Clock. DXF Format.

Country Clock
Tall country clock that can be made from inexpensive materials. Nice, clean design. DXF Format.

The Mantel Clock
Here's an easy-to-build, “bracket-style” mantel clock that's sure to fit in with virtually any room decor! Mantel clocks are fairly simple to make and are universally well received as “heirloom...

Old Barnwood Clock
This clock is made from some old barnwood I got from my landlord. He had some old cypress barn wood and fence wood he was throwing away. I managed to get several pieces that were usable and made this...

Craftsman Clock Plaque
A while ago, my wife gave me one of those Craftsman (Sears) clocks, made from a replica 10-inch circular saw blade. Since then, I have been trying to decide the best way to display it. Just hanging it...

Clock It To Me
You can make a clock out of anything. Here is a list of meaningful treasures I've seen made into clocks: a souvenir goose lawn ornament, a ukulele, plastic novelty vomit, a snowshoe, a circular saw blade. The mind reels doesn't it? All you really need to know is where to get clock kits (Lee Valley Tools,...

Clock Shelf
This Renfrew County clock shelf is a rustic classic The original shelf was built in 1850 Custom moulding gives shape to this simple project. Get the general look with ready-made baseboard, casing or chair rail, or stay true to the original design by using a series of router bits to cut the combination...

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