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Closet Organizers
This organizer makes efficient use of space, and can double closet storage capacity. It may cost hundreds of dollars to buy custom-made organizers, but you can build an organizer for a 5-foot closet for the cost of a single sheet of plywood, a clothes...

Rack 'Em Up
Nice rack! Most Canadian residences are closet- underprovided. Solve this chronic rack-lack by making your own pegged coat rack. You can give it a carved, antiqued finish and add character by milk-painting it first. Then, as you carve, the warm honey colour of the wood contrasts with the paint finish.

Father's Day Tie Rack
Use your handsaw to build the perfect gift for Father's Day A perfect project for Dad, this rack holds 14 ties—more if you double them up! Compact in design, this tie rack can hang right in the closet among the dress shirts or on a wall peg. Start by selecting some 3/4" hardwood or softwood...

Closet into Office
Here's a plan to truly maximize household space When I was growing up, the kitchen table was our home office—the place where kids gathered at the end of the day to do their homework and where our parents sorted out the monthly household bills. Today, computers are used more and more to help us...

Tie Rack
A project for the dad who's fit to be tied come Father's Day Earlier this year, two Cambridge University physicists, Thomas Fink and Yong Mao, completed their ground-breaking research into why we knot ties the way we do. Fink and Mao used mathematical models to shed light on the flips and folds of these...

Storage Closets
Ron was asked to help the Hoags create more storage space in their guest room by constructing a pair of matching closets that would be both attractive and practical.

Closet Door Shelves
This HouseCall request took Ron to the Albuquerque home of Phil and Arlene Safier. The Safiers had a little problem in their guest bedroom that needed Ron's attention. Two rather unattractive closet doors broke up the wall and the Safier's hoped to replace...

Build A Custom Closet Organizer
Their daughter Jennie wanted to create some better storage in her closet for clothes, toys and games. Ron designed an easy-to-build modular system that featured adjustable shelves and a closet rod to hang clothes...

Build A Closet
As the weather began to get colder, and coats began to get bigger, Yuki realized that they were rapidly running out of closet space. Yuki and Ron found a logical location where three walls were already in the perfect place...

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