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Building A Drying Rack With Dowels
This drying rack is a simple enough item to make. It is made of 20 support pieces of various sizes and 17 dowels, each 3 feet long and 3/8 inches in diameter.

DIY Drying Rack
The rack is made from two wooden rectangular frames. The larger one is fastened permanently to the wall and the other, smaller one is fitted with eight horizontal dowels.

Drying Rack For Hockey Equipment
This DIY drying rack is the solution for dealing with smelly hockey clothes and equipment. The material can be purchased at any local hardware store or lumberyard.

Drying Rack Woodworking Plan
This elegant drying rack folds out of the way into a cabinet when not in use. Also works great for hanging just ironed clothes. Fee plan.

DIY Laundry Room Drying Rack
Save money and the environment with this simple fold down drying rack that you can hang on the wall of your laundry room.

Pullout Wooden Clothes Drying Rack
Here is an idea for a wood drying rack you could build yourself. It expands to 22" and folds up to a compact 6" when not in use.

How to Build A Wooden Drying Rack
Building a clothes drying rack is an easy process which takes a minimal amount of time. This design uses inexpensive 2x4 lumber and basic tools.

An Indoor Clothes Drying Rack
This portable clothes rack is nothing more than four parallel bars riveted to two end pieces to form a square frame, plus three hanger units that secure the contraption to the top of a door.

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