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Giraffe Clothes Rack
Here's something different: a giraffe clothes rack. Keeps your clothes dry and the kids entertained. Fee plan.

Free-standing Clothing Rack
A clothing rack made out of threaded pipe that can sit on top of drawers or placed directly on the floor.

How to Make A Wooden Clothing Rack
Some time ago, lacking a closet to put clothes in I decided to create a wooden structure to hang clothing, which is to say a clothes rack.

Rolling Clothes Rack
An easy to build clothes rack with a portable wooden base and threaded pipe for the main beam.

How To Build A Simple, Expandable Clothes Rack
An expandable clothes rack with two horizontal support bars and free standing vertical support posts.

Clothing Racks 3D Sketch
Clothing Racks, rolling, adjustable, and/or wall mounted, can be custom made with the help of this SketchUp 3D plan.

DIY Antler and Log Clothes Rack
This DIY article shows how to create a clothes rack using a log section and some antlers.

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