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The Cold Frame
Build this hinged-top cold frame in a single weekend and enjoy your flowering plants or vegetables a little longer! With the increasing popularity of gardening these days, more and more people are discovering...

Frame And Misfortune
Build a cold frame for spring. Lately I've been in one of those claustrophobic winter moods where I'm not sure I can stand living in the northern hemisphere for three more months. So to convince myself that summer is a little closer, I built a cold frame and started ordering seeds...

Cold Frame
Get a head start on the growing season with our unique cold frame An early spring: Now the winter of discontent is no longer upon our warm and cozy plants. Use a cold frame when you need to extend the growing season: start seedlings or harden them off, force bulbs or grow early crops of cool-weather...

Build A Cold Frame
Louisa had always wanted a cold frame, which is like a miniature greenhouse used to incubate plant cuttings, but she had no idea how to go about building one...

Cold Frame Plans - LoveToKnow
Even if you're not particularly handy by nature, you should be able to put together a workable cold frame that keeps your plants safe and warm during the cooler months

Cold Frame Plans For The Garden
Learn how to build a five-piece garden cold frame that is easily removed during the off-seasons and will jump-start the growth of spring seedlings.

Cold Frame Plans - The Barley Harvest Woodworking
Get a head start on the growing season with this unique cold frame. Simply find an old storm window, available at most second hand stores, and adapt the frame to it's size. Instructions are written so that the frame can be built to match any size window.

DIY - Cold Frames
This Backyard Farmers' Cozy Cold Frame design is simple to build for the average DIY-er. Made from durable and rot-resistant northern white cedar.

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