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Make A Compost Sifter
Home composters know the many benefits of composting. They also know that not all of the material in the pile decomposes at the same rate. The fine, rich material, which is ready to use, must be separated...

Mulch Bin
Like most woodworkers, building the basic version of something just does not have the attraction of something with a custom twist. When my wife wanted a simple mulch bin I knew there had to be a way to...

Paul's Place - My History of Compost
Never did get much soil, but the racoons were well fed Once upon a time we lived in a house that backed onto a ravine in the poor part of Torontoís mostly posh Rosedale area. And on the edge of that ravine we set a large plastic composter supplied free by the city. In days gone by we had, of course,...

Worm Composting Bin
This bin can be used year round to recycle most food wastes (donít use meat, bones or fatty foods like dairy products or cooking oil). This binís size is convenient for using indoors on a table top. A box this size will handle about 6 pounds of garbage per week (typical for a family of four to six).

Wire Mesh Composting Bin
Wire mesh bins are the quickest and least expensive bins to construct. They can be used as holding and turning bins, or in combination with one of the larger bins as temporary storage.

Stackable Wood Composter Bim
This wooden bin requires minimal carpentry skills. The cost depends on the quality of the material used. Figure on an average of $25-$30; more, if you use nice redwood lumber; free, if you can scavenge wood from an old fence.

Rotating Barrel Composter
It is constructed with a minimum of hand-powered tools, and is not difficult or time-consuming to build. It will cost about $60 to build providing you use second-hand materials.

Wood and Wire Compost Bin
This portable bin provides a convenient way to compost yard materials. It fits well in small spaces and may be used either as a holding bin or as a portable turning unit. To turn the pile, harvest finished compost or build a new pile, simply undo the latches, pull the sides apart and move it.

Barrel Composter
The barrel composter is fast way to make small batches of compost. Mix 1/3 nitrogen materials with 2/3 carbon materials. Turn rotating drum daily and keep materials as damp as a wrung out sponge.

Compost Bin
The bin holds one ton of properly moistened yard waste. It's rodent proof and has removable front doors to reduce the work of turning the compost. You'll never have to buy organic matter for your garden again!

Worm Bin
Worm bins are designed for composting food wastes using red worms (Eisenia Foetida). Vegetable and fruit scraps from the kitchen are added on a regular basis; the worms eat the food waste and turn it into compost.

Wooden Pallet Bin
Assembly is easy, just screw or wire three of the pallets together. Attach bolt latches to the front edge of the bin and the last pallet to make a removable door.

Wooden Pallet Compost Bin
Wooden pallets can make an inexpensive and durable compost bin. The bin can be used as a holding or turning unit. Used pallets are often available from local businesses, manufacturers or landfills.

Concrete Block Compost Bin
Concrete block can be used to make a 1, 2 or 3-bin compost unit. Block bins are durable, require few tools and can handle large amounts of yard materials. Growing vines around the outside of the bin(s) can soften the industrial appearance of this bin. These plans are for a 1 or 3-bin unit. To make a 2-bin unit, leave...

Build a Compost Bin
Every year we throw away 24 million tons of leaves and grass clippings that could be composted to conserve landfill space. In order to compost though, you need a composting bin. Here's how to make a two-bin composting bin...

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