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Three In One! Computer Desk With Printer And File Cabinets

Keyboard Tray - Woodworking

Hideaway Computer Cabinet Plan

Bedroom Simple Computer Office Desk - Woodworking Desk

Computer Desk Plan

Bedroom Computer Student Desk - Woodworking Desk

Computer Corner Office Desk - Woodworking

Single Drawer Computer Office Desk - Woodworking Desk

Keyboard Shelf Add-On
You can make this desk by: Print Out this text and illustrations. Study this information and locate the materials. Decide on size of shelf you need. Purchase local materials. Cut out the pieces. Disassemble...

The Stand-Up Computer Desk
The graphic above is shows the desk from two views, front and side. The monitor is in a well. The keyboard and mouse are on a shelf across the front. The computer and printer are on a low shelf. The...

Computer Desk
A simple computer desk with hutch. DXF Format.

Keyboard Tray
A design for a computer keyboard tray that can be fitted to a workstation. Includes slanted platform and area for mouse. DXF Format.

Corner Computer Desk
With some pipe, fitting, and a left over piece of plywood this great desk was easily made to adorn any kind of living room.

Workbench Computer Desk
Made of maple and maple plywood this computer desk is sturdy and easy to build.

Free Computer Desk and Tray
With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can build a lap top computer table with keyboard tray as shown here.

Typing Stand Computer Desk
When you first experiences the discomfort of Repetitive Strain Injury, it is a big help to reduce stress on your hands immediately. You need a simple, low-stress desk that you or a friend can build quickly.

Door & File Computer Desks
You can make one of the classic modern American desks by simply placing a door on the top of two two-drawer filing cabinets. It is large, simplicity itself to make, and easy to move. It has been a favorite...

Pallet Computer Desk
Often you can get old wooden pallets for the asking as it costs businesses money to throw them away. Knocking them apart takes time and the quality of the recycled wood is usually very poor. Still the...

Cardboard Computer Desk
This desk is build from a whole lot of corrugated cardboard, glued into thick panels, cut to shape, primed with shellac, and painted. All the cardboard is recycled from boxes. Only a few simple hand...

Slide-Forward Monitor Bridge
You can make this bridge by: Print Out this text and illustrations. Study this information and locate the materials. Decide on size of bridge you need. Purchase local materials. Cut out the pieces. Assemble...

In-Bed Computer Desks
If you are a person who needs to use the computer while laying in bed then these are the desks designed especially for you. We even have two versions, the Wheeled In-Bed Computer Desk that moves around...

Olympus Mons Computer Desk
The Woodware art desks are pieces of art that are also fully functional furniture. Sometimes furniture can be art, even when form follows function. This art desk is inspired by images of Mars both old...

Look Down Computer Desk
Some people with neck problems can find relief if their monitor is mounted low and behind the keyboard. They can then view the monitor with their head tilted down. This also may be a good position for...

Computer Workstation
The computer workstation has become the "desk" of the millennium. But even the simplest version can cost hundreds or more at your local computer furniture store. By building our version you'll not only pocket big savings, you'll also have a strong, sturdy workstation for years to come. And, by building...

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