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Baby Cradle Plans

Baby Cradle Plan

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Early American Baby Cradle
Built to the dimensions given, this makes an attractive and somewhat different baby cradle; cut the dimensions in half and you have an equally pleasing doll cradle.

Doll Cradle
Another nice doll cradle design from Al. Cradle swings on its own stand. DXF Format.

Doll Cradle
A cradle sized for a special dolly. Another nice Christmas present idea for your daughter or niece. DXF Format.

Doll Crib
A great design for a doll crib. Has rocker bottom like a cradle, and also a stand that allows it to swing. A great present for some special little girl. DXF Format.

Baby Cradle
Ron would be spending more time a little closer to home, here in his new workshop. That's because he and his wife Lynn were expecting the arrival of young...

Doll Cradle
This doll cradle is great for 22 inch and smaller dolls. Children can do most of the work. An adult can help hold the pieces during assembly, line up the nails so they go through both pieces of wood and cut out the half circles for the cradle ends. A group of five-year olds assembled this cradle by drilling pilot...

The Swinging Cradle
Designed with simple, classic lines, the construction of this Cradle is very basic…and its joinery quite durable. Its most notable features include wide feet to prevent tipping, a locking pin on the basket, and knock-out wedges that allow you to break down the Cradle into just a few compact parts for easy storage...

Wooden Baby Cradle
The design incorporates solid brass hinges and stop-pin features and eventually other children will see this wood baby cradle and they will want one for their own children as well.

Heirloom Cradle
To make the cradle, you'll need 32 feet of 1" x 8" (actually 3/4" x 7-1/4") lumber and 18 feet of 1" x 6" (actually 3/4" x 5-1/2") lumber, plus dowels, brads and flathead wood screws.

Log Cradle
We designed a crib that could be assembled and disassembled in minutes, so it could be moved into an upstairs apartment. Then we ventured back into the forest with only a handsaw this time, but in the same old Ford pickup that has carried 800 logs for 3 houses

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