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Curio Cabinet
It was getting just about impossible for John to keep all those cars clean and free of dust. He wanted to build a display case so he could enjoy his cars with a little less maintenance

Showcase Curio Cabinet
Here’s a project that makes a perfect “showplace” for your collections and other treasured items. We chose walnut for our cabinet, but any hardwood will work quite nicely.

Shot Glass Cabinet
A small wall cabinet for shot glasses and a small decanter of spirits. Dimensioned in centimeters. DXF Format.

Wall Hung Curio Cabinet
A classic-styled, 4-shelf cabinet for any room in the house Have you ever noticed that some projects require only a few hours of your time to complete, while others seem to go on for ever and ever? So,...

Cherry Curio Cabinet
One man's adventure in building a cherry curio cabinet using plans from Woodsmith. Lots of photos and commentary. Curio Cabinet Drawings Five drawings in DeltaCAD format + small jpg and .wks cut list.

The Curio Cabinet
Detailed plans that will surely show a true reflection of your fine craftsmanship.

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