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Easy Corner Deck Plan

Split-Level Deck And Play Area Plan

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Split-Level Patio Deck With Planter Plan

Two-Level Deck With Angled Corners Plan

Picnic Deck Plan

Easy Raised Deck Plan

Easy Patio Deck Plan

How To Build A Deck
Few home improvements can match a wood deck for usefulness, beauty and enhanced value to a home. For adults, decks offer outdoor living space for entertaining, sun bathing and dining. For...

Deck Supports, Post Holes
Deck supports can be built many different ways. With pressure treated lumber, you can dig a hole and bury the post itself. Placed on a flat stone or small concrete base, the post should last as long...

Decking Materials
Select the correct materials for your deck and it will be strong and last for many years. Choosing timberThe timber will be exposed to all types of weather. If you live in a termite-prone...

Finishing A New Deck
Decks are exposed to the weather and must be protected to remain strong and in good condition. The surface of all exterior timber will eventually become weathered and discoloured,...

Raised Deck
The raised platform deck is an excellent solution to the problems created by sloping sites. This type of cedar deck extends your livable area into previously unused space. Terraced decks can...

Roof Decks
When building a ground level deck is out of the question, sometimes opportunities exist above. Many buildings have the potential of developing roof space. Even very small areas can be made into attractive...

Ground Level Deck
The ground level deck provides the simplest way of expanding living space outdoors. Attached to the house or freestanding, these decks are particularly effective in providing usable space over damp,...

Uphill Sloping Lot Decks
On uphill sloping lots stepped Cedar decks create attractive outdoor spaces, as well as being a pleasant and easy way to access the upper levels of the property. In the design illustrated here, landscaped...

Deck Restoration
The Allens assumed that replacing their deck was their only option, but Dr. Ron offered a surprising diagnosis.

Replace Rotten Decking
Not everyone is willing to give up their wedding anniversary celebration to spend the afternoon replacing an old rotten deck, but that's exactly what Jennifer and David Cooke did! They heard that Ron was heading to Monmouth, Oregon so they put everything...

Deck Bench Seat Plan
Use the same decking materials to construct a fixed deck seat, as used on the deck itself. In this example, 90x18 (3/4" x 3 1/2") hardwood is used. If your deck is constructed out of some other material, make any necessary measurement adjustments to compensate for any material size differences exampled in the...

Design, Plan, and Build a Deck
Deck building may not be the easiest project, but the years of enjoyment a deck provides make the effort worthwhile. Use our helpful instructions to design, and plan your new deck.Then build the deck of your dreams.

Double Decker
It includes four major projects: this massive double decker porch, a traditional stone patio and barbecue with a built-in gas grill, an eye-catching fence with a swinging gate that's wide enough for your car, and some solid cedar outdoor furniture that can add style and substance to any part of your property.

2 Level Deck
Most people build a deck as an outdoor extension to their kitchen. Others design it around their pool, as a play area for the kids or as part of a complex landscaping component. Whatever its use, a deck adds to the value of your home and provides a focal point for enjoying the outdoors.

1 Level Deck
Relax this summer on this 12 ft. 12 ft. deck. It's single level, elevated and secured to the house, has a balustrade and there are steps to the lawn.

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