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Desk Organizer
Computers seem to create more paper than they save these days, as anyone with a small computer desk can attest to. The battle against clutter is easily lost, making it very difficult to find anything that you need quickly. With this goal in mind (especially in my wife's mind) I finally built a desk...

Secretary Desk
This style of secretary desk is very handy for writing out the bills and other necessary paperwork. One nice thing is that when you get sick and tired of all this accounting, you can just flip up the...

Drop-Front Secretary Desk
Back when letters were made of paper and ink and the word "mail" was complete without an opening "e," every home had a place to write. And while it may have been little more than a plain table with a drawer for supplies, the more upscale among us had a dedicated piece of furniture-something that showed...

Anniversary Desk
With all the business involved in running a home, it's no wonder most of us run out of space to handle the paperwork. We do the monthly bills at the kitchen table, spread out tax forms after the dinner dishes have been cleared away, and commandeer the kitchen counter for everything from sorting mail...

How To Build An Office Desk
One of the reasons that home offices are so popular these days is that the term can mean so many different things. We may call it a home office now, but it's not much different from the den, library and study of days gone by. And though the electronic hardware may well have changed, the essential function...

A Desktop Weather Station Shop Project
You can keep abreast of weather conditions and the time of day with this attractive desktop weather station. Its mahogany plaque and brass-rimmed instruments are eye-catching, and its compact size allows you to display it just about anywhere.

Office Desk
The modern executive office desk isn't simply a place to hold a telephone. These days, it's the launching platform for grand ideas and big decisions. It's the basic real estate for projects, proposals, plans and programs. And, like any other business commodity, the more you have, the more work you get...

Desk Caddy
After having made my last project (Vinny's Kitchen Organizer), my wife asked if I could adapt the design somehow and make a project for her that she could use at work, which would help organize her desk.

Child's Desk
A cute table and chair set sized for a child. DXF Format.

Slant Top Desk
Beautiful slant top desk designed by John McGaw. You can see it at John's web site. Drawing by Loren Hutchinson. DXF Format.

Captain's Desk
Small Captain's Desk. Another nice design from Al. DXF Format.

Craftsman Rolltop Desk
A desk to test your skills. DXF Format.

Study Desk
A clean, simple straight forward desk design. Perfect for a teenager's room or in the office. See it at this web site. DXF Format.

Hanging Wall Desk
One of the most-often used “appliances” in a modern kitchen is the phone. And whether it's a corded or cordless model, many kitchens have limited counter space…making wall-mounting the best...

The Classic Rolltop Desk
Eight side drawers and a generous sized lap drawer give you plenty of storage for all your important office supplies. Have you ever considered building a major piece of furniture like this handsome roll...

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