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Flag Case Woodworking Plan

Bow Front Display Case Plan

Ikebana Stand, An Oriental-Style Beauty

Collector's Cabinet Plan

Golf Ball Display Plans

Intarsia Golfer Plan

Glass-Panel Display Cabinet Plan

Dashing And Adaptable Display Stand Plan

Shadow Box
Simple but attractive cedar shadow box for showing off your collectibles.

Bombe Vitrine
'Bombe' is a French term, it means 'rounded' and has been used to refer to a variety of furniture designs. 'Vitrine' is French too, it comes from the Latin 'vitrum' meaning glass. A vitrine is a fine glass display case.

Heart Stand
Three legged, three shelf stand.

An Office Furniture Project - Display Cabinet
An Office Furniture Project - Display Cabinet plans.

Flag Banner
Here's a really nice patriotic flag banner. As a retired US Air Force officer (and a NYC resident), I am proud to offer this project. Flag Banner. A view of the back supports. This is a very simple project...

Wavy Flag
Here is a great way to display your patriotism. Simply ad a wooden star, or two, and you have a nice item to hang on your front door. The curved grooves look best if you first cut out a curve guide. First,...

Building A Plant Pedestal
Proudly display your favorite houseplant with this easy-to-make wooden pedestal. The pedestal is easy to make and can be built in a day for around $25. This attractive plant pedestal could also display...

Plant Stand
Tall slender table for plants or other display items. Includes a Cutlist Plus .clp file. DXF Format.

Small Display Table
Display table designed to hold doll house. Has Lazy Susan top. DXF Format.

Display Case
A glass display cabinet originally designed for displayingdolls, but could be used for anything. DXF Format.

Display Box
A display box for a sports jersey. 2-1/2 inches deep with removable glass front. Designed to hang on a wall. DXF Format.

Heart Shaped Display Stand
Here's an easy-to-build weekend project that will make a great accent piece in practically any living room or family room Here's a perfect, multi-purpose addition for almost any room. Use it in a breakfast...

Display Case
This display case was created as a Christmas present for a friend who uses it to display a McGuffey Reader her father gave her. The book in the photograph is Working with Tools and Wood, a book given...

Box Frames
The inspiration for these box frames came from a similar set at a restaurant the crew from Canadian Home Workshop frequents for lunch. These frames are well suited to a dining room where they can do double-duty displaying your diminutive prized possessions as well as providing low-level lighting.

Install An Arts And Crafts Rail
Ron travels to Salt Lake City, Utah where he meets graphic artist, Robert Rampton and his daughter, Corinne. Robert has asked Ron to help him design, build and install an oak plate rail in his living room to display a few treasured curios as well as...

Country Flag Tray
This handsome tray is an excellent choice for a first project for beginning woodworkers for several reasons. Its construction, while presenting several challenges, is actually basic. By carefully reading and following these plans and directions and discussing anything you may not understand with your...

Glass Top Display Table
Looking for a challenge? Why not build a beautiful new glass top display table for your living room? We'll tell you how it's done you get to have all the fun. 4 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 x 16 legs 2 ...

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