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All About Dog Houses Sparky1
An insulated dog house with a removable roof, a cedar deck with roof, an optional inner wall, and solid construction throughout. Lots of photos and detailed instructions.

Garden Shed / Dog House
Designed to provide a sturdy shelter for a medium sized dog. From Georgia-Pacific.

Dog House
You can build your dog his own little house after watching this show. You'll see what materials you'll need and how to put them together.

How to Build a Dog House
This doghouse will accommodate a large dog but can be suitable for a dog of any size. It is constructed out of 150x19 rough sawn treated pine for the floor and roof.

HGTV Custom Dog House
A doghouse customized with design elements from the owner's house and garden can add visual interest to a yard, while providing a cozy, safe retreat for man's best friend. This project can be completed in a day and rates a 1 on a difficulty scale of 1 (easy ) to 5 (difficult).

Building a Doghouse
The family dog needs a good place to escape from the weather, and unless you're willing to let him in the house, maybe its time to work on that doghouse you've been meaning to build. With these instructions a beginner level DIYer should be able to complete this project in a weekend...

A-Frame Dog House
A roof over the head of that four legged family friend is often neglected. Sun, rain, wind and snow can make their life uncomfortable. But here is a design for a simple A-Frame shelter which is easy to put together and could be adapted for all sizes of dogs.

As an energetic boarder collie, Sebastian needs to have lots of space to run. He loves to be outside so the Trusty's asked Ron to come visit and help them build Sebastian a sturdy home in the backyard.

Install A Dog Door
They've asked Ron to help them install a pet door leading into the garage from the backyard so that Sushi can go in and out as she pleases, leaving them to get some work done. Being a dog lover, Ron is happy to help out. What a guy...

Industrial Strength Dog House
The foundation is made of pressure-treated 4x6'es lag-screwed together with 2x4 cross-members. I cut notches at the end to allow moisture to escape and to allow 2x4s to be slid underneath in hopes that it might be possible to use the front-end loader bucket to slide it onto a hay cart if we ever need to move it.

Saltbox Roof Dog House
My design for our new pal, Chase, shown here, incorporates a porch and extended "saltbox" roof attached to the basic doghouse design detailed in the pages that follow. The basic house is simple to build, and if you want to add extras, as I did, you'll see that the underlying structure is easy to adapt.

DIY Doghouse
Dogs are considered man's best friend, but we don't always treat them that way. Why not show your love by building a doghouse the neighbors (or at least the neighbors' dogs) would envy?

Insulated Dog House
Build the insulated doghouse shown on the right with just a few tools at a minimal cost!

Build a Doghouse
Although the dog is often considered to be man's best friend, we don't always treat him that way. Show how much you love him by building him a house the neighbors--or the neighbors' dogs--would envy. Here's how...

In the Doghouse
To keep to a minimum the muddy paw prints on the floor and the hair on my clothes, we decided on a comfortable solution that makes everyone in our family happy—a delightful doghouse.

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