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Dog Kennel Plans - Above Ground Kennel, Dog Kennel Tips, and more

Above Ground Kennel
An above-ground kennel keeps a dog away from most vermin and parasites, out of its own mess and off the damp, germ-laden ground. The kennel cage, however, needs just the right floor.

Dog Kennel Tips
A dog kennel may be a single unit or part of a larger group of dog runs, such as those found at boarding and breeding facilities.

Sanitary Kennel Septic System
Gun Dog Kennels shares their dog kennel septic system design. A properly designed septic system can eliminate smell and health problems and will make your hunting companion happier as well.

Dog Kennel Plans
Here are some dog kennel plans that will ensure that you provide your dogs with their own private den.

Dog House Plans
These dog house plans are the final result after years of alterations. Includes an optional outside kennel attachment Plans. Fee plan.

Kennel Designs At Gun Dog Kennels
See the two styles of dog kennels and tips for building your own dog kennel. YouTube video.

Kennel Design Advice
Free eBook on creating a successful kennels today. We share real-life information and stories from the most all-round successful kennels (they are surprisingly rare!)

How to Build An Open Air Doghouse
In this Instructable I will show you how I made a custom "Doggy Retreat" out of 2 x 4 studs which I milled to smaller sizes. I am betting you have never seen anything like it.

Designer Dog Kennel
Your best friend deserves the best, so if it's time to do something about his or her accommodation, spoil them with a kennel that's comfy and good to look at.

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