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Build Your Own Dog Sled
The dog sled is a basket sled and could be used for sprint races, short distance races or recreational mushing. It would make an excellent first sled for the beginning musher.

How To Build A Dog Sled
Want to build a dog sled? Learn about the components and how they fit together.

How to Make Dog Sleds
Step by step instructions to Create A Full Size usable Dog Sled. This is for serious work workers or enthusiasts.

Dogsled Construction
This project will yield you one perfectly 1/6 scale dog sled that you can proudly display alongside your other models. It's not a toy as the Hasbro set is, so the detail possibilities and diorama ideas are endless.

Homemade Sleds
This sled has curved wooden runners, on which it slides. The harness is usually made of leather or canvas, with a dog collar at one end.

How to Build Dog Sleds
Today, dog sledding is most often observed simply as a sport, with dog sled races regularly taking place in Alaska, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. If you want to give dog sledding a try, you can build your own dog sled.

Model Dog Sled
A model dog sled can be a great thing to build for any number of reasons. You might be able to use it for a school project, a display, or simply to learn about dog sleds and how they work.

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