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Charming Chime
Cheap plastic chime covers should be heard and not seen—not so with this Mission classic. Often, the reason I decide to head out to the shop and build a project is that something suitable can’t be purchased at a reasonable price. On a recent trip to my local home centre, I was disappointed with...

Create An Elegant Latch From A Simple Spinner
Spinners have been used for years to keep barn doors shut. I've redesigned the spinner for my cabinets from the simple but effective exterior latch to a refined and almost completely hidden mechanism...

Decorative Hinges
Butt hinges with a removable pin can easily be converted to a unique decorative hinge. Profile the hinges with a file or grinder, the edges may be beaten with a ballpean hammer, any plating may be removed...

Build A Storm Door
If you're in the market for a storm door, you probably know that there are many styles and models available. However, most of them are aluminum, so if your heart is set on a traditional wooden storm door, the selection is severely limited. With this dilemma in mind, we designed a traditional door with...

Door Projects
Split a door in half, install a sliding door or take the rattle out of your doors. Recently, Virginia Hampson of Blacktown, NSW, emailed us looking for a way to turn an ordinary door into...

Door Refinishing Project
This is a bit of a departure from what would be considered woodworking, but it was a home renovation type of project we did, with which we were very pleased and I thought I'd tell you about it in case...

Making Energy Efficient Garage (Shop) Doors
Faced with a new shop (a 24' X 26' new addition) I decided to make swing-out doors that would be tight and thick with as much r-value as I could squeeze into them...

Hanging Glass Door Cabinets
In Plain Sight yet protected storage for books, curiosities and collections Most homeowners suffer from an unwritten law: “Stuff” (books, collections, dishes, etc.) expands to fill the space...

This Old Door
Giving new life to a worn-out relic On closer inspection this dilapidated garden shed, built from scrap material, is actually quite sturdy and provides plenty of storage space for garden tools and outdoor furniture. But, with its peeling muddy brown paint, broken windows and warped door— which...

Add a homey touch to any entryway with this attractive teak doormat. You can build this wooden mat in a couple of hours, and it will serve you well for many years. The segmented design lets the mat lay flat, even on irregular surfaces. I used teak because of its beautiful grain and durability. For a...

Quick Fix - Storm Door
Seal out the cold and damp with a new storm door There are few things around the house more aggravating than a storm door that’s seen better days. From a comfort standpoint it lets in drafts that can more accurately be described as winds, which is also a concern on the energy-efficiency front. What’s...

Rustic Post And Beam Archway
This next HouseCalls request took Ron to Olympia, Washington. The Podowicz family had done a few updates and a remodel to their home, but they still felt like there was something missing. Cathy wanted to add some type of architectural detail that might...

Door Casing Restoration
The Bookers were unable to locate molding of the right type of wood or with millwork to match their existing casings, so they invited Ron to help them create new casings that were exact replicas of those found throughout the rest of the house.

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Glass
Since Ron is all for having fun, he couldn't wait to come help Gina out by showing her how to replace her old solid kitchen cabinet doors with beautifully handcrafted, glass paned doors. She was thrilled with the results.

Add New Trim To An Old Door
Ron's last HouseCall in the great state of Texas took him to Longview where Lara Leaver had asked him to come and help give her outdated interior doors a makeover. Lara had an entire hallway full of plain doors. She had always liked paneled doors and...

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