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Arts And Crafts Dresserplan, Mission Style

Chest of Drawers
Building a chest of drawers is a surprisingly easy project and is well worth the effort as it means that you can build a chest that is large enough to fit all of your particulars in it. Typically, you can build this chest of drawers in a weekend, although you should expect the project to take a little...

Chests Of Drawers: Drawer-Building Basics
Open or download the 14-page PDF file for Drawer-Building Basics.

Fine Wood Dresser
Our tall dresser provides a perfect complement to our bedroom suite. Once more, we have combined solid mahogany with figured pomele sapele veneer and wenge. With six spacious drawers, it offers plenty of room for storage. The drawers are mounted on top of the line, full-extension slides that provide...

Six drawer dresser frame. DXF Format.

Concept drawing of bedroom dresser. Nice simple lines. DXF Format.

Dresser Valet
Give the gift of organization. This timeless vanity valet is designed to contain the clutter and collections of a man's day-to-day life Itís nice to give a gift that has a little history to it. The Douglas fir in this vanity valet was given to me by the owner of a sawmill. He had the job of resawing...

How To Build A Classic 5-Drawer Cherry Dresser
These days when you have a storage problem, the solution is usually a bigger hard drive or maybe a new CD burner. Personal space is defined in megabytes, and when you run short, you can't simply grab the nearest empty shoebox. Not so with the more tangible features in our lives. Things can and do get...

Stairs That Double as Dressers
Here are some plans for modifying your stairs so that each step can also hold a drawer for extra storage of all your stuff. The things you put inside would have to be of the occasional-to-rare use since these look like a pain to have to deal with on a regular basis.

Built-In Dresser
This dresser is built into the wall in an upstairs room. The project shown here fits in a space that is 30" wide ó the standard width of two adjacent stud cavities with a center stud removed.

Arts & Crafts Dresser
Our dresser incorporates many of the visual elements characteristic of this popular style, but we've updated construction with plate joinery in the case, vertical dovetails in the drawers and full-extension drawer slides.

Chest Of Drawers Project
For a amateur woodworker, a chest of drawers is a surprisingly simple project that can be completed by someone with only basic woodworking skills. It helps to think of a chest of drawers as being a box with smaller boxes inside of it, rather than a large piece of furniture.

Chest Of Drawers
I built this chest of drawers in 1998. The overall style is basically Moravian which is somewhat similar to the Shaker style. It is made of Maple hardwood except for the back panel, drawer bottoms, case...

Modern Wardrobe
The wardrobe uses frameless construction, and it is built almost entirely of plywood so it's stable and lightweight.

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