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Laundry Drying Rack
This drying rack folds flat for hanging on a wall.

Clothes Drying Rack Plans
Clothes Drying Rack Plans. Build this large clothes drying rack from our plans. This way you can rip 1/2 strips off of a piece of 3/4 inch wood.

Make A Foldout Drying Rack
A simple foldaway rack makes ingenious use of laundry room wall space. The rack consists of two wooden frames -- a smaller one, fitted with eight horizontal dowels, inside a larger one (each is painted to match the wall).

How to Build An Herb-Drying Rack
How to Build an Herb-Drying Rack. There are times when you go shopping and you just can't find the right item to accentuate your kitchen décor.

Swiss clothes drying racks
You can tell a lot about a society by the quality of indoor clothes drying racks it sells.

Beer Bottle Drying Rack
This bottle drying rack was made from leftover scraps (making it related: homebrew, brew, beer, bottle, rack, drying, diy, reuse, green, home.

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