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Duck Decoy Plans - How to Carve A Hunting Decoy, Duck Decoy Tactics And Strategies, and more

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How to Carve A Hunting Decoy
In the case of weight, many decoys are hollowed, but they are then subject to sinking if they crack, or are accidentally shot. I prefer the security of a solid body block, and carve my decoys out of cork or balsa wood.

Duck Decoy Tactics And Strategies
If you have been thinking about making your own duck decoys here's an overview of the different construction techniques you can use to build your own.

How to Make Duck Decoys
How to Make Duck Decoys. Duck decoys are an integral part of duck hunting. They lure ducks into the water with their realistic look, especially when combined with a good duck call.

Decoy Plans
Our plans have been refined time and again over the last thirty years. These decoys hunt, and yet they win competitions too. Fee plans.

Duck Decoy - Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board
Several responses to the question: does anyone have instructions, plans, or advice on carving a duck decoy?

How To Make Cattail Duck Decoys
One of the most ingenious uses of cattail, bulrush and the tule plant was making floating decoys to lure waterfowl to roosting areas to be bow-hunted, netted, or snared.

Making A Simple Decoy
Selecting suitable carving wood from the local lumber yard, laying out a mallard pattern, and how to carve it. Well done.

To Carve A Duck
Tips for carving a duck decoy from Wilford Olsen, a pro who carves about 180 decoys each year.

Carving Wood Duck Decoys With A Hatchet
In this video, Ross Shourds demonstrates old school carving of a duck decoy using a hatchet.

Antique-Style Decoy Carving
One way to make a decoy look even older or more authentic is to carve a wooden eye. Tom Matus, a frequent contributor to Wood Carving Illustrated shows how.

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