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Artist's Easel
Earlier this year I was vaguely considering purchasing an artist's easel, but a very cursory look in the local art shop soon put a stop to this idea: easels are expensive! Quite why they cost so much is beyond me as they are a very simple construction (let's face it, the average easel consists of three...

Easel & Drawing Board
The past issues of your favourite woodworking magazines, can yield a virtual library of great projects, when you are looking for just the right project to make for a gift for someone. This was the case...

Build Your Own Easel
Complete novice woodworking plans for building a fully-functional studio easel for less than $100 in materials using tools you'll find in your basement or your friend's garage. This easel is suitable for securing huge...

Child's Chalkboard
All children love to draw and doodle. Crayons and/or markers on paper are a great choicebut errors made with these materials can be difficult or impossible to correct. On the other hand, colored chalks...

Artist Easel
This artist easel can be used for both outdoor painting or for displaying artwork in the living room. It can be folded away easily in a cupboard, and will fit into a car to transport to your favorite painting location.

Easy Easel
We designed this project around paper and storage supplies we found in chain stores. The paper roll comes from Ikea, and its dimensions determined the width of the project. We also bought some colourful plastic storage bins with lids.

Your Own Easel
Here's a materials list with everything you need to follow the plans. We'll explain in more detail later, but the easel I built will hold a 7' tall painting, has a 4' wide shelf and stands about 7 1/2' tall total.

Wooden Easel
This wooden easel is a perfect way to display posters, and informational items as well as drawings and paintings. It also makes a great teaching aide for presentations. The magnetic dry-erase board facilitates learning in a colorful way.

Child's Easel
To help out, we've designed an easel and a storage cabinet to help focus your kids' expressive energy and provide a place for arts-and-crafts supplies. The folding easel features dry marker board on one side and corkboard on the other. The storage cabinet has six drawers and spacious shelves for supplies and games.

Becky's Book Easel
This book easel was intended to be used in a class room environment. The two 3/8" dowel pins hold a large picture book and it's pages in check. This project could easily be adapted to most any use. It's simple enough to be completed in a weekend or less. I made mine from 3/4" poplar and a few 3/8" dowels, all found...

Wooden Display Easel
We think you will find this to be a fun, easy-tobuild project that will serve you for years to come. Everything listed below should be available at your local hardware store. These prices are from our local Home Depot. Your prices will vary.

Basic Wooden Easel
Weíve tried to keep the materials and techniques simple so that this will be a quick and easy project. But if you want to embellish on these plans, please feel free.

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