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Entertainment Center
With this project we are revisiting an earlier theme: how to make a TV (and its associated VCR, Cable box and other paraphernalia) less intrusive in a fairly small room. While the popular approach is typically to hide everything behind a large entertainment center, we remain unconvinced that this is...

Basic Entertainment Center
This entertainment center is a rather primitive affair, as it is an "open-plan" design with no doors. The philosophy behind this decision was that by leaving the design open I would be less tempted to simply throw any old junk into center's hidden recesses. This design also allowed me to employ a curved...

Compact TV Cabinet
Although desirable, it is not always easy to add life's little comforts into a bedroom where space is a premium. By the time room has been made for the necessities of life, such as bedside cabinets, closets and a chest of drawers, there is often no room for the TV. This was the problem that we came...

Build A Stereo Cabinet
Our cabinet stores modern stereo components neatly out of sight. With the door shut, it looks like a traditional Arts & Crafts hutch. There is a staggering variety of stereo systems available today, and depending on your finances and your level of enthusiasm in these matters, you can spend hundreds...

Build A TV Cabinet
Remember the old console TVs? Mounted in wooden cabinets, those early sets were as much furniture as new technology. The designers knew, or at least thought, that no one would want the naked machine in their home. After all, it just didn't match anything else. In fact, many of the TV cabinets had doors...

Building An Entertainment Center - Black n Decker
This handsome and unique entertainment center provides ample storage for all your home electronics, yet is relatively compact 5 ft. High and less than 7 ft. Wide. The three-unit design features a 20"-deep center unit spacious enough to hold a...

Building An Entertainment Center - Lowes
Televisions, VCRs, DVDs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, stereos and video games are personal entertainment mainstays. Walk into most homes and you'll find electronic equipment stacked to the ceiling.

TV, VCR And CD Remote Holder
A great first project for the new woodworker. This was one of my first and self-designed projects, and it's an easy way for the novice woodworker, to get their feet wet in woodworking, and to end up with...

Occasional Table For The TB Room
A larger table for my wife I to use in our recroom between our 2 recliners, was needed badly! The last one just didn't have enough room for all those remotes , newspapers, TV Guides, coffees and snacks...

TV Corner Shelf
A corner shelf designed to hold a small television. Country decor. DXF Format.

Stereo Cabinet
Small cabinet designed to hold stereo components. DXF Format.

Radio Stand/CD Rack
Small stand for radio or CD player. Has CD rack built into pedestal stand. DXF Format.

Custom Architectural Home Entertainment Center
Ron pulled off the highway in Flagstaff, AZ to help Mark Zweifel build the entertainment center of his dreams. This was more than just a piece of furniture; in fact, it looked like it was built into the house. Ron loved the unique idea that Mark had...

Custom Home Entertainment Center
Rita has an alcove in her living room that would be perfect for a built-in home entertainment center. She needs a place for her television, VCR and stereo, and she would also like to store books, knick-knacks, and various other items.

Home Theater Design
Today, what everyone wants is a satellite TV system, like the DISH Network, and a home theatre. Now you can have just that with your own personalized home theater design plans.

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