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Fence Planter Plan

Good-Neighbor Fence Plan

Grand Entrance Garden Gate Plan

Garden Trellis Plan

Trellis with a Twist Plan

Garden Lattice Screen Plan

One Terrific Trellis Plan

Luxury Split-Level Pool Deck With Trellis Plan

Plans for a fence with 6 feet high and 8 feet long sections.

Basic And Standard Fencing
Pictures of standard fence profiles.

Traditional Cedar Fence
For a traditional Cedar fence, rough lumber gives a more rustic character, while a smoother finish is more appropriate for a more formal appearance like the fence illustrated here.

Privact Fence
A maximum privacy fence can also be a barrier for reducing noise. When total privacy is not required, lattice lets you develop interesting fence patterns that allow some view.

Garden Fence
When the stake and chicken wire fence surrounding my wife's garden finally convinced us it was both ineffective at restraining rabbits and looked awful, we thought a nice wooden fence would dress up the...

Scaled-Down Garden Fence
My wife installed a small flower garden in a corner of our yard and I recognized an opportunity for at least partial justification of the jointer and surface planer I had come home with a week or so earlier.

PreBuilt Fence Panels
The graceful curve of the top rail and latticework reduce the scale of this solid board fence. Cedar fences of many styles are available in pre-built panels from 3 ft to 6 ft high.

Picket Fence
Mark your territory with a well-built fence that will add years of value to your home Carpentry is a precarious business. So I steer away from the pitfall that traps many professional carpenters. My first six years in the trade taught me that large, prestigious projects are great for reputation, but...

Put Up Picket Fence
This segment of HouseCalls take us to the beautiful town of Craintown Island, Ohio where the Bickel's would like to try their hand at fencing but they really could use some expert help. They would like to give a cottage look to their vacation home on...

Fence B/W Wall Pylons
The wood we use is Jarrah and Karri which are very similar Australian hardwoods. 75x20x1800mm rough sawn pickets sourced from Colli and Son will set you back $AUD1.24 each and 65x35x200 lengths for the frame at about $2/m.

Fence Installation
Design your own fence with your own styles and ideas.

Fence Window
Lattice fence windows give depth and detail to fences surrounding swimming pools or dividing yard space.

Corner Picket Fence
Design a corner picket fence with these detailed directions on how and what to use to make this specific fence.

Wooden Panel Garden Fence
A well-erected wooden panel fence is more than just a boundary; it can increase the attraction of your property especially if climbing plants are trained up and/or along it. Panel fences will restrict children and animals to certain areas.

Wooden Fence Posts
There are five basic methods of erecting a garden fence postů

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